Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Afternoon Update

After my normal checking on bee rounds this morning I have spent most of the day working around the barn. Moving my trailer and blading down some rough ground, fixing a door so it will stay open in the wind. That type of thing.

The kittens are slowly getting used to my being around and I was even able to touch one of them for a brief second. It helps that their mother isn't afraid of me at all and getting more comfortable all the time but she is also part of the problem because she hates all the other animals (except the sheep). As soon as she sees me she immediately puffs up and growls thinking the dog is with me and that puts her kittens on edge.

At one point I went to take her some tuna and see if the kittens would be compelled by the smell to come closer and mommy was gone but all the kittens were in a pile up sleeping on a bag of sheep wool. I walked right up to them and if I had had five hands with gloves on could have captured the whole bunch then and there. One even opened it's eye and looked right at me and didn't panic so I think I will be able to get them soon.

All my other work completed I was planning on some much needed weeding this afternoon but as soon as I came inside the rains started once again. BAH!!!

The ground is still wet even though we have had no rain in about 3 or 4 days we haven't had any sun either so the ground hasn't dried much. I thought it was firm enough I could get some weeding done and now this.


Well back to work for a few more hours at least. Maybe more to come this evening.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. PP,

    The kitten picture above is adorable. Give the kittens time, they will get used to you and maybe even your dog.

    I'll send you some rain if you would like? While in Texas this morning it poured hard in Oklahoma. Hubby said the thunder shook the ground and the walls.

  2. PP,

    Here we are in the middle of our first bloody hot spell for the summer. First the leeeetle birdies found the dog's water bucket and don't seem concerned about me five feet away.

    Then the honeybees found the water and are coming by the hundreds to get water. I refill every morning and all day they work on sucking it dry.

    Pupper gets his water inside now. Guess all God's children needs their water.



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