Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So Mad I am Gonna get Violent soon

The little stray that showed up last Fall and then had some kittens is convalescing upstairs from her surgery. The other strays are back in the various barns and outbuilding in their claimed territory and getting over the fact that they were tricked into being trapped by the nice humans who feed them and taken to be prodded and poked and stuck with needles.

I won't even mention how much money we spent on stray animal health care. Actually I can't mention it because the wife won't tell me but I suspect that was my post hole digger surplus that was just spent thanks to idiots dropping their pets off for us to take care of.

All the kittens have been placed in nice homes and reports coming back in are that they fit in nicely and love their new humans and homes. Those kittens were the best socialized bunch I have ever seen due in no small effort of the Mrs. We kept them solidly locked up each night and when you went to let them out to run and play in the mornings you truly knew what it was like to be a hero to a kitten. In fact those kittens acted more like puppies sometimes than cats.

All is well now, No more pregnancies to worry about, every one had a clean bill of health, one did have an ear infection that is being treated. Time to settle down to cats everywhere but no more stray animal growth because all these strays are now fixed. No more kittens!!!

Or so I thought.

This evening five more kittens showed up with their mother. They look to be about the same age as the ones we just found homes for. The mother cat first appeared right before the initial litter the other stray had which were born in late March (during a huge snow storm) and looks so much like the original stray (from three years ago) and queen of the Small-Hold Sasha Birdbane that early sightings were sometimes dismissed as Sasha slinking around. Everytime it was reported to me that Sasha was in the barn causing havok I thought it was strange because Sasha never goes into the barn. She is above all that barn and out building business except for my shop which she claims as hers as well.

Actually I knew we had another stray around when Mrs. PP came and asked me to come get Sasha out of the barn back in late April. I was working in the shop and Sasha was in there with me and it was then that I realized we had an imposter for sure. Just what sex of an imposter and what it was ultimately up to was not ever figured out.

Well now the mystery has been solved. This new stray was a female and had her kittens somewhere on the Small-Hold and I think it was out in the horse pasture down at the loafing shed. She was raiding the food in the barn and more than likely hunting a bit for her litter until their food needs outstripped her ability to provide. I suspected she might be down there and looked a couple of times but never found out where she had them stashed.

The end results of the massive adoption drive along with the surgery and removal of the original mommy cat also opened up the nursery territory we had set up. Well this shadow stray moved her brood up to the barn and was attempting to use the now empty nursery for her own litter.

The same scenario applies. This cat was obviously someone's pet and has been handled by humans. She wants to be petted and fed and is very sociable although skittish but once you feed her she is all loving and purring. Her kittens on the other hand are not sociable and that presents a huge problem. The mother is also deathly afraid of all the other animals on the place, especially the doofus stray dog who keeps trying to stick his nose into any catching or taming efforts causing a ruckus and failure resulting in kittens scattering everywhere.

We have at most a week or two to get these kittens tamed and sociable or there will be no possibility of finding homes for them and that means someone (me) will have a dirty job to do.

I swear I am going to start placing game cameras up along the road and if I catch anyone dumping animals off I am going to hunt them down. This is just ridiculous I have never seen so many stray animals being abandoned before.

Economy improving my ass.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. My wife brought home a feral kitten that was born in her parents garage. He wasn't really handled as a kitten and he hates being picked up and is certainly not a lap cat. The only time he lays next to anyone happens to be me, and only if I have a blanket or sleeping in our bed. Overall, he turned into a pretty good companion considering how he was born. Just a little skittish and shy about being handled. There's still hope for your bunch!

    1. I hope we can find owners like you for this latest batch of kittens :) Hint Hint!!!

  2. ugh. i hate this kind of stuff. people are always dropping off kittens out here too....they bring them to the "country" to get rid of them. sometimes i hate people. that's how we got Frankie Blue Eyes. i am glad that you are trying to find them all homes. yer a good man, PP!

    your friend,

    1. Yes I hate people sometimes too kymber my dear. Especially when they push their problems off on others. I used to give em a pass thinking that with all the kill shelters we have they were giving the pets a chance anyway but now I see they are only pushing their issues off on someone else.

  3. Even though the economy is "helping" things along regarding the animal abandonment, there will always be scum that just dump animals when they no longer chose to care for them. There is a special place in hell for people like that. Hopefully with a bed made of used cat litter, pillow filled with look-what-the-cat-just-puked-up, and clothing knit from smelly hairballs.

    If you wouldn't mind PP, would you email me at CarolynRenee at centurytel dot net?


  4. Ya, my little lady has brought a couple kittens home in the last year, then all of a sudden more pop up, she finally got her tom fixed, so hopefully that's the end of them.............

    1. AM - I have briefly seen the Tom I believe is responsible for the first batch of kittens. He is a medium to longer haired orange and white guy and pretty large for a housecat. He might live at the neighbors as I see him down there alot.

      Not much I cna do about him but shoot him and I just don't do that usually. All the females seem to come here and lay claim to a territory for themselves. They are all spayed now but that won't help the new arrivals of course.


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