Sunday, May 12, 2013

HB436 - Mo Makes a Stand

On Wednesday the Missouri House once again passed HB436 which would render all Federal gun control legislation and Executive orders pertaining to gun control  null, void and unenforceable by law enforcement within the State. The bill had to go back to the House after the Mo. Senate added an amendment to it pertaining to in school concealed carry I believe.

While there have been many instances where the Supreme Court has ruled that Federal law trumps State law there have also been rulings (even recent ones) that have concluded Federal authorities have no right to coerce or otherwise force local and state law enforcement to co-operate or assist in their enforcement efforts.

It is widely rumored around the Capital that the current Democrat Governor will veto the bill although some seem to think he will simply ignore it. A veto will simply make the House pass the bill again and perhaps make this the law of the state earlier than the July 21st deadline which will take effect if he ignores it.

Bottom line. There ain't a damned thing the democritters can do about it now on the state level.

The Bill also makes it legal for anyone who has a concealed carry license to open carry regardless of local laws within the state. This aspect alone is a huge deal protecting those citizens who travel into the more "progressive" areas of the state. There are also portions dealing with privacy (due to the last CC drivers license fiasco) and school safety officer training.

While I know some out there believe the Federal courts will simply shoot this down and that Federal power will coerce the State to comply to their will I believe those of you who feel that way are missing several key elements to this move.

When the time comes for Missourian's to protect their Second Amendment rights they now know they are not alone. Even if this Bill is challenged by the DoJ and not upheld by the Supreme Court, Missouri has spoken and Missourians (like me) can now make a solid choice knowing our home is with us and in agreement. That is a huge step in the right direction.

In fact that is THE most important aspect of this Law. 

While the legal charges facing Federal officers who attempt to enforce the laws within the state may not stand. Those same officers will NOT have the local support they so desperately need during enforcement operations. This might not effect the outcome of the first raid or even the second, but I would entertain some bets on the third.

As I have stated before, actions of this type are not only going to happen they are being forced on the States by the Federal government and are the initial steps towards eventual secession. It is simply a matter of survival at this point.

Also there is currently a Bill going through to protect Missourian's (especially property rights) from any UN "agenda 21" type treaty and a movement to add "Inalienable Right" for gun ownership to the Missouri Constitution.

The steps continue.... Will other states follow?

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

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