Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Quick Sunday Reading Post

We came a long way to drying out completely this weekend although there are still two areas of the garden that are a weeee bit too wet to work with much. That should change tomorrow I imagine and is not a big deal since what I could get tilled and planted took me all day and a big part of yesterday as well.

While it has been dry it really hasn't been all that warm and the tomatoes and the peppers have not been very happy with the cold nights so far. I have seen this before when the ground temps haven't quite gotten up there to the liking of the warm weather plants they begin to lose some of their leaves and remain kinda stunted and have darker leaves until they get what they want.

Hopefully that won't be too far away because the daytime 60's and night time 40's is not to their liking.

Most of the tomatoes are in the ground and their trellis poles sunk and support line run. I still have the melons and cucumbers to do along with some sunflower volunteer replants and then whatever space remains will be sown directly with sunflower seeds for the birds and bees.

I hope to have the entire thing finished tomorrow afternoon after a trip into town to pick up another few metal fence posts that I use for the trellis arrangement.

The ground is yet too cold for any of the seeds to get motivated for the most part but the good news is that as of this afternoon I have six sprouts from my pole bean breeding experiment pushing out of the ground. It doesn't mean complete failure isn't still possible of course but I am infinitely better off at keeping this variety alive over where I was a week ago. At least I know some of the two year old seeds were still viable. The ones that sprouted are on a bit higher and drier part of the garden so I imagine they warmed up a bit faster than the others.

I have at least another full day to look forward to tomorrow and then a full day of mowing and freshening up the swarm traps on Tuesday before we have thunderstorms in the forecast by Wednesday.

Rush rush rush. Gotta get it done while the weather allows this time of year.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. hey buddy - remember a while back when you asked us to come down and take back the snow? and we did? well it's now your turn to come and take back the rain. we have been in a monsoon/tsunami this past week that we have named Storm Pioneer Preppy!!! i am glad that your gardens are finally drying out. good luck with all of your seeds and your jobs for the next couple of days and please come up here and take back the rain!

    your friend,

    1. Now Kymber I am sending that rain so you will realize you should be putting up a wonderful rain water catchment system. It just simply wouldn't do for me to take the wonderful water you could be saving away from you :)

  2. yo buddy - we have had our 2 80litre rainbarrels set up for almost 3 years and right now they are overflowing all over the place. we don't need this much water but thank you for your concern! now please make this rain stop!!!!

    your friend,


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