Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yellow Fields

I swiped this picture from SwampDog over at Doublebhomestead  because it shows exactly what the fields around here look like so far this Spring. Almost two months into the Spring season and 90% of the farmers around here have not been able to get into their fields and do any planting.

As I have said though the bees are loving it.

I have no clue if the other states around us are seeing the same conditions or not but as SwampDog mentions at this point it will more than likely mean some crops will not be planted as the farmers will need to put in the faster growing and producing varieties. Down his way that means a reduction in cotton but up here it could mean a reduction in corn, especially feed corn, which will impact the meat producers once again.

Another plus side is that the hayfields are looking pretty good which might balance out livestock issues but usually only helps those herds that are not going to the consumer anytime soon.

It's always something.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. WSJ had a piece where they said that the rain had let up just in time to get a good corn crop. They take their commodities pretty seriously, so I suspect that they are correct.

    1. Russ - I will say that today things dried up a LOT. I could have put in the rest of my garden or at least 90% of it today but the next few days are expected to be dry as well so I took a chance.

      I saw some field work going on but I can definitely report no corn has been planted near me. I suspect that will change tomorrow though.

  2. Cotton planting started full speed today, thanks for the link back, I appreciate it!


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