Thursday, May 30, 2013

And these People Want to Vote on My Gun Ownership?

Anyone who reads my rambling rants knows I hate snakes. I do not pick them up and I don't screw around with them and I really don't want to be near them if I can help it but I am not afraid of them. I don't care if it's some little bitty grass snake or what I let it go about it's business and it better let me go about mine.

I have been seeing a large number of snakes daily the last week or so, usually at least three a day out in the yard or especially while checking my swarm traps. I had to step over about a three and a half foot black snake yesterday to get to my hives.

I stepped over his tail end BTW and even said "hello snake" as I did so.

Now read this story I found over at Drudge.

Snakes in the Trees at D.C. Park


The cop actually captured a snake no bigger than a worm and took it to the Zoo? Who pays for this stupid crap?

These people think they have the right to tell us how to live our lives and what we need and/or don't need?

They are literally insane. Protected, pampered, out of touch insane children.

Keep Prepping Everyone.

I think I am done for the night but not making any promises.


  1. What a bunch of pampered, idiotic helpless children we've become, as a nation.

    Keep prepping.

    1. RP I am still shaking my head over taking a local snake about the length of a pencil to the zoo. LOL

  2. Please!!!! Now how bright are these people, NOT VERY.

    This weather causes snakes to come out, I can't wait to run into the cooper heads we have here.

  3. They'd really crap their drawres over the 5-6ft.
    diamondbacks that are everywhere here. Oh and the purty lil' coral snakes.

  4. He obviously thought it was a congressional-critter.

    The article didn't say if it was a Republican or Democratic snake.

  5. LOL Russ!!!

    Sandy - I know right.

    RJIII - Those coral snakes are pretty though.


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