Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sparks are Flying all Over

I have been posting more than usual today. Partly because of the storm keeping me inside but also because I am sensing a change once again. Things are getting serious and for the first time in quite a while I am getting the feeling it isn't going to go against us this time.

Across the world those people who fall within our large band of Conservative type thinking are getting fed up. We have lived through almost 60 years of being pushed and giving ground but I think the time has come.

This far no further.

Nothing unusual about a Muslim fanatic in England sucker punching a woman but I can see a definite change in how the White Englishmen who were there reacted this time.

I get a sense both here and abroad the days of rolling over and just crying to the police are over.

Things are getting interesting it seems.


  1. I feel safer here in the US and I won't travel overseas at all. They are many places in Europe I would love to see. WW 2 battles sites. It takes a few to screw it up for all.

    1. Rob - I grew up in Europe. I wouldn't want to go back and see the memories I had of that place during the late 70's and early 80's being replaced with what they have today.

      I will say though there are some areas there that if they haven't changed would be very secure.

  2. Preppy, I'm with you: spent the early & mid-70s over there, and don't want to go see had badly it's changed.

    1. RP I remember Sweden very fondly. The little kids used to come up to Americans and cuss up a storm since the movies were not subtitled they talked just like the popular movies at the time. They didn't know any better :)


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