Friday, April 26, 2013

Yep Still Raining

I think we had one day when it didn't rain this week and that was yesterday, no Sunday was rain free as well now that I think back on it. So two days.

Last I checked we are now at around 300% more rain than normal over the last couple of months. Not complaining as we needed some re-hydration for the streams, ponds, lakes and ground but it is really starting to make it difficult to get things done and the nice warm days are not lasting long enough for the working girls to really get out there and get the stores replenished. Not to mention when we do get a nice day of drying out I am having to scramble to get as much mowing done as possible. Which is why I didn't make a post yesterday as I was mowing all day. I still didn't quite get finished.

Other than working on raised beds there still has been zero gardening work going on. Just too damned muddy and wet. At this rate I may have to repot some of my started seedlings into bigger containers as some of them are looking a bit weak right now. The local farmers are beginning to look a bit stressed as well. Other than some fertilizing I have seen no work or tractors moving in the fields at all.

Still no truck either as the mechanic says he can't get to it yet. Just once I want to have a Spring when some important piece of equipment isn't broken. Just once. I did so well on the maintenance and starting up of all my demon possessed small engines this Winter. I was really confident everything was in the best shape possible for the Spring frenzy and then BAM the truck won't go into gear anymore. If swarms start showing up I am really going to be hurting with no way to transport the occupied swarm traps back to the bee yards.

It's always something. Last year it was my tiller if I remember correctly that broke in April and I didn't get the thing back until July I believe. I know this Spring breakdown isn't just something I am cursed with, if it was there wouldn't be such a long waiting list at the repair shops every Spring.

At least this rain is forcing me to finish painting the last two swarm traps I recently built. Painting is something that can become hard for me to motivate myself into doing especially if there is outdoor work I can redirect myself into. I am still hoping for a week or so of good warm Sunny weather to dry the garden out but at this rate I will settle for even three or four days. It's gonna be June before I can get the garden started.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I remember springs like that quite well, and it could be a struggle just to walk across the yard.

    Hope you get some drying-out & can get back to what's needful. Good luck with the truck, too.

    1. RP - I am used to the Spring rains and am always being thwarted by them this time of year. Even last year they were bad but this year has been the worst I can remember although the standing water isn't as bad because the soil isn't completely saturated yet. Still the storms have been frequent enough that we haven't gotten more than one warm day before getting hit again. Just no chance to dry out at all.

      I am sure they will end sometime and I fear them going away completely but this is keeping me down as bad as a drought in it's own way.

  2. PP,

    Yesterday was beautiful here, I was able to prep some garden beds and plant potatoes. Today, cooler and rain off and on. Hopefully tomorrow will be dry and comfortable to work outside to get those beds in order for planting seeds and seedlings. I must remember to get more bird screen, those little stinkers ate my celery tops, all the strawberries and some of the tomatoes last year.

    I'm hoping your weather turns out a little nicer for you this weekend, maybe you'll be able to plant some of your seeds too.

    Hopefully your mechanic will be able to get to your truck, identify the problem and fix it soon.

    1. Sandy - according to the forecast no relief in store for us until Sunday. Tomorrow s suppose to be as dreary and rainy as today was. Thursday was nice but one day is not long enough to dry out the garden area.

      I do not have problems with birds in my produce but the damned rolly polly bugs will tear up my strawberries fast and I have not found a good way to get rid of them yet.

      These rains have to end sometime.

  3. I think I said a wet summer, I hope I'm wrong. I guess the snow is almost gone. Northern MN still has a butt load. 10 days until we bug out.

    1. Rob - well it can be a wet and even colder Summer and still be well within the tolerance of everything I grow. Just has to dry out enough for me to actually get out there and plant stuff.

      Nothing new really. The rains are always bad this time of year this stretch has just been a bit more frequent than usual.


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