Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Last Days of America

The last few years of chronicling the local observations of decline and following other signs, articles and repercussions of National and Global decline has at the very least opened my eyes to a few things.

I still feel in so many ways everything is ultimately tied to energy but I cannot discount each vehicle that depends on energy to run as being the final culprit or the proverbial straw that breaks the whole stack. As we have journeyed along together watching the slow motion wreckage accumulate some vehicles have seemed at times more certain to be the first to run off the cliff than others.

Financial issues have had their day, direct energy shortages, numerous black swan events and natural disasters, we have watched them all loom at us and then seem to be swallowed up and forgotten about. Each one has weakened the whole but not a one of them was enough to really topple it yet. Taxes continue to grow, unemployment keeps rising and yet nothing has given the wake up call to the masses. The whole system is so weak at this point that anything could happen at any time on any given day. We continue to prep but we can no longer count on having tomorrow to do more. Each of us needs to be fully prepared NOW.

Soon we will see a new nail pounded into the coffin of America as once again our elected officials allow sweeping Amnesty to take effect. As usual we won't really notice this next step down the collapse ladder at first because these illegals are already here but I assure you we will notice during next years elections and the one after that. In a couple of years time this will add an estimated 100 million or more democratic voters and finish the fundamental change to our current form of government.

Mob rule democracy has already won, we saw that back in November. I pushed and did everything I could to promote one last finale victory for American values, or at least as American as was offered. By crooked election scams, voter fraud and outright importation of voters it wasn't enough and so I have switched to pushing Secession as the only viable way to preserve traditional American values. In truth I do not have to push for it though as eventually if no other event triggers a full collapse before then the remaining American States will have to move that way for survival or die.

Property rights, gun ownership rights, freedom of speech, unreasonable searches. None of those mean anything to the new democrat voters and they will begin violating them all. Under the guise of majority votes of course. When the traitorous National elected officials pass the new amnesty bill all they will do is hasten the decline because as I said the critical mass has already been reached.

The most dangerous time for true preppers is at hand my friends. The last rights we depend on to maintain ourselves in a sustainable manner are under attack. Surviving a grid down situation is easy. Surviving a hostile government filled with colonist will be the hardest part.

I had always hoped one of the other vehicles of collapse would hit home before we came to this allowing a quick collapse followed by a driven recovery.

It doesn't appear we will get the easy road however. In the end all the sustainability we can achieve won't help us pay the government bill when they come calling. We are going to have to deal with that problem before we can really get to work on surviving.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. As always, your rationale is well-considered & delivered. Can't argue with any of it.

    Keep prepping!

  2. The only thing I would add is there HAS to be a collapse, after all they are slowly killing the Golden Goose. Soon there will be no way those of us pulling the wagon will be able to pull the load. In the near future there will be another great financial depression, just wait and see.

    1. SD - There will be a collapse but what finally makes it happen will determine the flavor, at least at first. The worst type of collapse we can have for us, that is White Rural Americans, is the slow slide that allows the government to continue grabbing everything we have. That is exactly the type of collapse the Liberal want.

  3. I like the picture. Is that St. Louis?

    By reputation, I suppose this would be the place where I would normally argue that we should be down at a "1" or something like that.

    But within the narrow scope of loosing our freedom to be independent (prepping or otherwise) I think we are past of five, moving toward 6.

    My only arguement would be with your fixation on the Democrats or the Liberals. We have a new batch of Republicans in office in NC, and while they make some noise here and there about guns and such, they are busy piling on their own set of preferred regulations for their preferred clients.

    1. Russ - I believe that is DC after a fantastical nuke scenario.

      I believe I have said many times the Republicans are just as dirty as the Liberal/Dems. BUT the Republicans these days tend to stay away from those things that we preppers need to make it to the crunch time. The Liberal Dems do NOT with a capital NOT.

      The republicans are not really for the little people but the Democrats hate one particular group. I happen to be a member of that group therefore a decline and collapse becomes much more survivable for me if it is a Republican lead decline.

      Also the Republicans have been tempered a bit by the Tea Party types and such, they are still the lesser of the two evils but I can live with a little coal dust pollution I can't survive a nuclear melt down.

      The collapse is inevitable I believe but the long slow Liberal controlled slide is the worst possible way to get there.


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