Sunday, February 10, 2013

More Tax Money Down the Drain

I was watching this video of the Governor of Mass. talking about the Winter storm coming Friday and the preps they are making to deal with it yadda yadda.

Now notice the nice sign language lady standing next to him? Well lol you can't miss her right? Then I was reminded of all the videos of a couple of other mostly Eastern Mayors and politicians who all have their sign language ladies waving their hands around as they speak.

There was also a bunch of hub-bub not too long ago about Mayor Gun-Grabber Bloomberg and his little sign language staffer adding so much to his speeches.

Now I certainly have no issue with deaf people. Hell I am halfway there myself, if not further. It was kinda an occupational hazzard way back when I was an artillery guy. I did a little research. The number of hearing impaired people is estimated to be about 2 to 4 out of every 1000 people. Yet of that number less than 1 out of  1000 or almost a statistical non-entity in the big numbers game were deaf before the age of 18 and learned sign language.

How many deaf people do you suppose are in the audience who cannot see written sub-titles on a screen and need this service?

How much money do you think these "interpreters" get a year?

When did the needs of the few so outweigh the needs of the many?

Just a curious thought I had is all. Not really prepping or sustainable living oriented at all but another symptom of our decline none-the-less. Sure it feels good, and certainly deaf people deserve consideration but don;t ya think we are spending a bit too far into the overkill arena here?

Until Tomorrow.


  1. Federal regulations at it's best, along with the braille buttons on the drive through ATM machine. I agree though, another waste of taxpayer money. The message can be transmitted through closed caption, relatives, and text messsaging nowadays.

  2. All she really needed to do was make the sign for stupid. It's February, they live in New England, they just came through Sandy. Dumb asses.


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