Friday, February 8, 2013

Politics of the Tribe - A Clash of Titans or Work Place Violence?

As this long slow decline continues there is an upside, well a kinda of horrifying, tragic and destructive upside if such a thing is possible, but a sign that the reset is well underway at least.

A few years ago I wrote that the only thing really holding the Liberal/Feminist Lefty conglomerate together was easy money and the elevation (or reduction) of the White Male to devil status as a common enemy and a target to loot, pillage and marginalize at will.

Let's face it we have been the energy that has kept this train wreck going.

Now I am not saying that plenty of other members of the various racial and gender groups haven't had to pay a price as well but if you distill every sub group of the Leftist Conglomerate down to a common theme. Well, I think it is pretty obvious what that single common denominator is. However, the times they are a changin.

The various tribes out there are feeling the effects of the shrinking honey pot and although they haven't forgotten the main target of their looting, cracks are beginning to form. Conflict between the groups is beginning to show. This isn't new, the conflict has been going on for a few years now but the various groups refused to see it and abandon the tried and true enemy for the real one. Even when they are in direct confrontation with each other they attempt to blame the old White "Patriarchy" still.

Take this newest rampage to hit the selective reporting media.

Christopher Dorner who has chosen to wage a one man war against the LAPD. Both officers and the extended family of those officers.

This leftist madman has come directly into conflict with not only the public service unions but feminism as well and yet he writes a rambling manifesto that attempts to blame who or what? You got it. White Male racism.

Despite all the education that was handed to this man. All the time, energy and resources to pave his way through affirmative action, racial quotas and over representation in the military and law enforcement he cannot see who the true enemy is. His special status as a Black man justified violence as a reasonable retaliation just for being called a name but it didn't stop there. When another protected minority status co-worker indulged herself with a little police brutality, knowing full well she had complete immunity by her gender, race and union membership status. Mr. Dorner called foul because she struck out against a brother.

Well Mr. Dorner quickly found out that "some animals are more equal than others" didn't he?

The scariest part for me, after reading the crazed manifesto Mr. Dorner published and sent to various Left propaganda media heads, is not that he reverts to blaming White men but that the style, basic context and overall point of his manifesto is one I see copied almost everyday in comments sections all across the Internet.

From the bullet points of repeated themes. To the Proptor Hoc conclusions. I have seen many government employed Black men write the exact same rants in many a forum and opinion section. Their status as special victims appears to have created the common belief that they are uniquely allowed a violent response to any real or imagined insult. They are above the law the same as Mr. Dorner's Co-Worker was above the law. The problem is they cannot see past the only target they have ever been given as the cause of their discomfort when things backfire on them. Just as Mr. Dorner cannot see that the conflict between the various tribes he has hitched his wagon to was the real cause he lost his life as he put it.

This then is a perfect micro example of Titans clashing. The main juggernauts of our current Social engineering experiments in government now must turn on each other as all the easy resources have been consumed. Mr. Dorner was testing the waters of whether his privileged status was equal to or greater than his co-workers. His main tribe lost.

Just like I witnessed the tide turn on the urban sprawl four years ago as construction and development was halted and then abandoned at a multitude of planned new sub-divisions. We are seeing the tide turn on the Liberal/Feminist police state as they pull back leaving entire areas uncovered and daily announcing they will not answer calls for "minor" incidents.

From the reports of racial mobs and violence between Hispanics and Black in Kalifornia. The sounds of automatic gun fire around the city heard from a stranded ambulance in Detroit. Curfews and lawless areas in St. Louis, Chicago and pretty much every other major city in North America we are witnessing the failure of the Left and it's victim coalition of union thugs.

Don't rejoice yet though. As things continue to unravel the left will try and take as much from the rural communities as possible even while they continue to abandon outlying infrastructure. The money will need to flow into the cities to keep these tribal groups from turning on each other to even greater amounts.

The real fight is just getting started even if we can see light coming from the cracks.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Rambling is the operative word. There are some points were he obviously thinks he and other black received poor treatment, but he also dishes out both abuse and compliments in an almost random fashion.

    I mean he's a non-Christian Tim Tebow fan. Not exactly your typical black hatred against the man diatribe.

    1. Russ - Random is right. I saw that about Tebow but with the other stuff he wrote I am not so sure some of that wasn't an attempt to make him seem more "diverse". Anyway regardless that is kinda my point. He has been whammied by his own allies and entered the confused stage of things.

      The cracks are showing.

    2. Along the lines of what you are saying, the New York Times has a headline "Shooting Suspect's Racism Allegations Resound for Some". They note that he otherwise sounds unhinged in the follow up blurb, but they lead with the racism.

      Given what you here about the writing ability of today's students, I wonder if his "unhinged" writing is simply the typical lack of coherent writing or thinking coming out of today's schools?

    3. Russ - I hadn't really considered the blanket education angle. Yet it isn't really just his grammar and such that I was pointing at. The over kill response and complete confidence that an illegal action is in fact legal and justifiable because of his affiliations is what jumps right out at me.

      I see these same responses from a list of posters on a daily basis on certain forums I frequent. I almost thought a couple of them wrote the thing themselves.

      It was eerily familiar.

  2. Ah once again they play the "Ye Old Race Card" When all else fails toss it out. I have talked with my kids about the race card and they are well aware of it, and have seen it used time and time again.

    What the blacks fail to realize (IMHO)that while its better to blame the white man, it was in fact their own people,(Tribal Chiefs) in Africa that sold them to the whites.

    1. Rob - Ya it does not good to point that out nor even to point out the first actual slave owner in America was himself a Black man. They have their own version of things and it has worked for them so far.

      It blinds them to the truth which is my main reason for even getting into race here. The Feminist have complete control over the race issue. They have used it as a hammer and because of that it must be countered.


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