Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Reading - Ammo, Seeds and Bees

I have just about put all the finishing touches on my reloading preps at least from the tool side of things. Actual ammo and components purchases of course will never end and I still can;t find any more small rifle primers or brass to buy but the local stores have gotten in some more pistol and large rifle primers recently. Of course they are brands that I have never used before. The same goes with powder actually.

Still the reloading tools seem to be back in stock all over. For a few weeks there you couldn't hardly find a .308 or .223 die either. 5.56/.223 ammo is still out everywhere I went but 7.62 x whatever is readily available all the way up to St. Louis stores as of yesterday. Bullet molds have come back in stock and I have filled out all my calibers with backups as well now in this area. Just a few minor dies and such left. A .308 sizing die and maybe a few backup case trimming tools for redundancy is all I have left in that department. A factory crimp die for .223 also seems impossible to find in stock.

I am still a bit short on the actual ammo numbers though. 5K of loaded ammo for each main caliber with 10k components in reserve seemed a feasible goal by this Spring a year ago. With today's prices I may not make it at this point however even if I can find the stuff to buy. I am about 3/4 way there in only about half the calibers as it is and if the gun grabbers get their way then I am stuck with what I have more than likely.

So yes all in all progress has been made on ammo storage and supplies but it is costing much more than I had planned and is going much slower than hoped because of all this.

My guess is that is the gun grabbers fail the market may get flooded in a few months as well. We will see.

The first round of seeds have been planted as well. I plan on extending my tomato planting up a bit this coming season along with increasing the hives more if the weather and rainfall cooperate. Still have seven hives alive. The way things are looking this maybe the year when actual preps and sustainable production begin to come of it's own as a community asset. We will see but with gas prices still at their highest level trucking expenses are beginning to really take a bite into food costs. Local production has been increasing yearly so only time will tell.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I'm afraid that when I purchase my land, the cost to get my homestead up and running quickly, may turn into a long process because of the higher costs. The cost of ammo has caught quite a few people off guard - I don't think I'll have near what I would like, but with the rising cost, reloading looks more and more attractive.

  2. PP - congrats on your ammo progress - any progress is a good thing but you sound like you are well on your way! and stop bragging about planting's waaaaay too early here. but my greenhouse should be built by mid-march so i will be getting started then. and congrats on the hives - good job!

    your friend,

    1. Don't listen to her PP! Plant away! I've got some stuff started and hoping for the best. At least planting earlier gives you a second chance if things go bad.

  3. Given general conditions out there, sounds like you've made a good start, just the same. Many aren't as well-prepared. Good work.


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