Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Reading - Not much Going On

Most of the Small-Hold is covered in about a quarter inch or so of ice today after we had a mini-ice storm over night followed with some snow flakes this morning. Winds were high and temps dropped, if you can believe it, from the 70's on Friday to the 20's by Saturday night.

Any trip to the outside world results in a complete shoe removal on re-entry. It maybe silly but I find that such a  hassle lol. At times I will just wrap my boots in an old t-shirt or something after wiping them as well as I can on the door mat rather than put them on and remove them every four hours or so. Alright it sounds silly but it never fails after I go to all the unlacing work that I have to put them right back on for something. Just annoying.

Usually it is a sudden emergency trip outside from the neurotic, spineless, brain power challenged border collie the Mrs. rescued from the pound 15 years ago. That dog cannot be trusted to look out for herself or stop running even if a speeding tractor trailer is coming right into her path so she never goes out unattended or let to roam free. She strikes back at her captors by insisting she is having an emergency "need to go outside now" situation every hour or so. Then of course she is only happy remaining outside for as long as it takes for her captors (usually me) to get interested in something else.

No power outtages, no major wrecks although a few spots showed some off road excitement did occur over night and I heard more than a few sliders late in the night as they turned off the gravel road onto slick pavement.

The Sun popped out this afternoon and the entire Small-Hold and surrounding fields came alive with billions of individual leaves, grass blades and limbs covered in sparkling glass.

Needless to say there wasn't much work done outside today however other than removing the frozen tarps from the firewood and chipping a vehicle out of a block of ice. Looks like it's gonna be another week at least before I can start clearing brush and removing junk, gotta let the ice melt and the ground dry some. I also got a couple hundred assorted rounds ready to press laying out in the shop but with temps already in the 20's I don't think I am going to be working out there this evening.

Just one of those Winter days to stay warm inside, plan for Spring, catch up on the reading and boring you guys with a mundane blog post.

It seems to me there is only one firearm related item out there still reasonable for purchase these days and that happens to be powder. Maybe primers are still reasonable I don't know yet but I would urge all of you who reload to pick up some powder NOW before it gets caught up in the insanity as well.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I bet even the powder disappears in a week. Nice post, not boring at all.

  2. Preppy - I think the reality is that life is like this for everyone. There are just days where things conspire against us and little can be done. I think the trick is that we simply admit such days exist, don't feel guilty about them, and carry.

    I'm with Stephen. Not a boring post at all.

  3. We were in the high 70s, but are supposed to drop down into the mid-50s. One of our confused bushes is blooming.


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