Thursday, January 10, 2013


So many things make me just shake my head and wonder at the insanity of it all. Democrats insisting that spending isn't a problem being one I of course apparently can do nothing about.

I was reading an article over at TSHTF blog earlier where they were reporting on China's apparent stockpiling of grains and ore. To the point that they are importing something like 400% more rice and using grain silos to store iron and copper ore.

I believe it was over 4 years ago that I began linking articles on China's apparent land and commodity build ups. China has been prepping my friends and there can be only one reason why.

Of course the US has been prepping as well. Bringing in more expendable voters to enhance the powers of the Statist government while stockpiling for the select few. It may even be that this current gun grab scare is simply a way to make all this brass and lead so expensive that only the government can buy it anyway.

According tot he prices I am seeing around here they have already accomplished that goal whether they intended to or not.

500 count bags of 5.56 once fired brass are now selling for $100.00 each. That is almost a 300% increase from only a few months ago. Powder prices have increased by over 30% and fully assembled rounds, at least in the "military" caliber are totally outrageous.

I saw plenty of it available today though but I sure am glad I can afford to not buy any of it right now. It has reached the level that I cannot afford it honestly.


The next hammer to fall is going to hurt I think folks. Get ready...

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Good observations, sir. Keep it up!

  2. Maybe its time to learn how to use a sling shot, and how to hide better. The D.C Idiots want to push the U.S back to the stone age.

    1. Rob - Only those who have a brain and independent thoughts.

      Black powder will be the only thing they will allow us if they have their way.


  3. I was just on A 1,000 rounds of 62 gr FMJ Lake city ammo was $1,499! And they were sold out! December's catalog's price was $499.79.

    JP in MT

    1. JP - WOW!!! That is insanity thank you for the heads up!!!

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