Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eagles, Storms and a Bit of Hay

Pretty much everything is still encased in ice around the Small-Hold. It warms up just enough to begin melting the ice off of the roofs and vehicles but hasn't really penetrated the organic stuff yet. The water ways must be mostly frozen over because we have had some close visitors in the form of a couple of Bald Eagles the last few days hanging out in the neighboring fields and buzzing the property. I usually only notice the Baldies this far away from the rivers when they freeze up and it's been a while since that has happened for any length of time. Apparently the little warm snap we had last week wasn't enough to really warm up the water any.

I came across this story about a man and two of his children that died during this last storm we got over the weekend.

Ill. Man, Sons Doe in Freezing Rain in Mo.

I will be the first to admit that freezing rain and rapidly dropping temps in Missouri can be deadly, especially in January, but this story has some holes in it. Not major ones but details that just don't fit the scenario if you ask me. For one thing the man was from Illinois which isn't so different weather-wise from Missouri so he should have known things can change fast. For another for someone so unprepared why did he bother with a flashlight at all? A flashlight for a day trip but no coat?

Anyway food for thought and something to remember for the coming decline. Winter can kill. Nuff said.

Finally I have fixed my mud problem in the same tried and true way I have done it in the past. I took my wheelbarrow, went to the barn and scraped up some loose hay and straw and then spread it on the ground around where I have to walk to feed the wood furnace and get to the vehicles. As I said not the first time I have had to do this but the first time in a few years. It isn't ideal either because I have to be extra careful when removing ashes from the furnace but nothing gets tracked into the house now. When things dry up I will simply rake it up and throw it on the compost pile. I love recycling :)

Mostly I'm still tucked inside reading and such still. As I said everything is still frozen and nothing is important enough or pressing so much to motivate me into putting on the carharts and venturing outside for any length of time. Gonna start loading up some slaughter sheep in the morning however so the Winter gear will come out then along with my fuzzy Mountain man hat which the Mrs. hates because I start calling her squaw when I wear it.

We used to get long lasting ice coatings such as thing pretty regularly around here but it has been a few years so I am not used to just hanging out inside like this. I also forgot just how solid that ice can attach stuff to the ground as well.

So anyway still waiting for warmer weather here but a little hibernation is good for the soul I think.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. There are always seed catalogs for reading, and a few rereads.

    Watch Greece as they are clearing out the public forest for firewood. The European winter is going to be harsh for a lot of the austerity serfs. I wonder if the media will pick up on the suffering?

  2. Cold rain is the worst, I'd rather be chilled a -20°F than wet at 40°F.


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