Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Reading - I Never Knew That

Sorry I didn't get an amazing, detailed, informational and/or funny (Usually in a sarcastic way) post done today. I went and cut firewood since it seems most of the deer hunters have either managed to bag em one or given up. The "new" farm truck with the full sized bed takes a bit longer and more work than I have previously been used to so I was a bit more tired than usual today.

However I saw a link over at AngryMikes place with a wealth of information on 5.56/.223 weapons and ammo this evening and got so interested I read the whole thing twice. And then went back and read some areas a third time.

The Ammo Oracle

I actually learned a few things. For instance I thought I had one 5.56 AR and one .223 but it turns out the .223 marked barrel I have is actually mil spec 5.56.

I also did not know the SAAMI specs were a bit different for the 5.56 round as opposed to the .223. Actually when reloading this is huge at least from an emergency point of view as it would allow a bit more loose case trimming if needed. I would follow the more precise .223 specs myself but if for some reason you had cases and no trimmer available it would give you some room to use slightly longer cases in you really needed to.

I also noticed that issues with Selliers and Bellot ammo was mentioned as well. If you remember my (now deleted) post a while back I mentioned having reloading issues with this ammo as well. Specifically the case rims not fitting into the reloading holders. Well apparently other issues had been happening for a while now and causing some rifle explosions. Makes me a bit nervous, not so much for my AR's but my 7.62x39 weapons are almost exclusively fed Selliers and Belott rounds.

Some good info from that link. Very interesting.

I still need to track down some reloading data for my 200 tracer round bullets I got taking up space in my storage box.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

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