Monday, November 19, 2012

A Spark Becomes a Flame

I believe that at this point we can say that the secessionist spark has grown into at the very least a small flame.

Of course all the mainstream politicians are going to run as far from it as they possibly can right now. Even those who kinda paid lip service to it will now denounce any attempt at it because frankly it scares the hell outta them. My guess is that before long, if interest keeps growing they will do a complete turn around on it and embrace it.

Will this flame continue to grow? I really can't say, as sadly I am not an expert at fledgling movements. I have studied them superficially of course mostly because one of my Professor/advisers back when I was in school was a huge French Revolution guy. I believe he did his dissertation on it.

The truth is secession or something like it is necessary for the very survival of the states and Conservative Americans at this point. It hasn't just started with the last election it has been simmering at the back of people's minds for a while now. The last election just drove the point home that the Liberal tactic of importing voters has finally turned the tide at the voting booth and there is no other way to turn it around. Appeasement or embracing the popular view of the Left's voters will only turn up into the Left. Even those more Conservative politicians who gave the Hispanics what they wanted couldn't even manage to get more than 30% of their vote. There is to put it bluntly no road to compromise in that direction.

The Constitution has failed because the Federal government elected by mob rule democracy refuses to live by it. The out of control deficit spending and welfare culture they have created cannot continue under a Constitution. Just like those of us in Conservative America the Liberals too must secede, at least politically, to continue on with their agenda.

If no other event like say resource depletion or financial collapse comes along before hand the so-called Red States will eventually have no other choice but secede or become slaves states. It really is that simple.

Details can change. The general players maybe different but large scale migration and differences of the magnitudes we are dealing with always have one outcome.

The movement is gaining some traction because there is no other path to take right now. How long it will be before enough people realize this truth I cannot say. A lot of it depends on how bad other aspects of out civilization become or remain but right now I am convinced the clock is ticking.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. The Red States, by virtue of many of them being relatively poor Southern States, get more money from the Federal Government than they contributue.

    It is also not a complete accident that the Southern States are home to many of the large military bases. As it used to be stated, when the troops drive by, the public in the South would have at them with all five fingers up, rather than just the middle one. This implieas that at least a large number of the Southern States have a relatively larger patriotic instinct to overcome if they were really going to succeed.

    I am also not aware of succesionist being one of the "protected" classes. They are very much at risk of being singled out, the way Communists were at one time, for harsh social sanctions.

    Only if you live in an echo chamber reality is secession going to be viewed as a realistic and positive outcome.

    1. Russ- Sorry you are wrong about the red states getting more money than the blue especially when it is all broken down. Kalifornia and New York actually lead that and the other point is that the Red states are the export states that hand the blue states much of their revenue. Agricultural commodities alone keep the revenues of Blue states paying more taxes than the Red ones. Blue states appear to give more to the tax economy but only as a middle man.

      Secession will happen because the Left's victim group politics leaves no other out come unless some other event makes the whole thing moot. It really is that simple. Sheer survival will dictate it.

    2. Russell,

      Not only is pp right, but you are taking for granted MANY factors. For instance, on the military topic, because these bases are in the south, when that state secedes, that base will become property of that state. The fact that the span from georgia to texas voted heavily red (not to mention the fact that their governers and state houses are very red) means that the south would once again be leading the way. In fact, there is still a lot of bad blood between the south and the north. And I have no facts to back this up but based on my experiences, I would say that that the south is better prepared for an uprising due to the peoples conspiratorial nature. They have more guns, more ammunition, more food stores, and more preppers than any other region in the country. I say all this from a very unbiased perspective as I was born and raised in CA and have lived in many states and regions throughout the country.

  2. yeah it'll never happen. However if the shoe were on the other foot.... we'd let the progressives go in a heartbeat.

    I for one would even hold the door for them.

    1. Matt - Again it will happen unless as I stated some other event renders the Federal government's power null. It's coming because it will be a matter of fight, leave or die. We may hit more than one or all three of those possibilities before it is over.

  3. What is the meaning of the flag?

  4. hi. read the new column at the deliberate agrarian. it is about andrew jackson and the constitution. read 'the golden age' ,second edition, by mark twain. the attempts , many successful, to use the constitution as toilet paper are continual.
    the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.
    when we lived in new jersey some in the legislature wanted to ban the teaching of the declaration of independence!!!! why were they not tried for treason? not a voice was lifted against them that i heard of. they said it was an incendiary document. DAMNED RIGHT , IT IS !!!
    people have no knowledge and are only concerned with the next electronic gadget and where they can get illicit sex or drugs.
    my daughter asked me when she was little what the best form of government is. i told her it is not the form of government but the morality of the people that set the tone of a nation.
    i don't see any way out of the moral decline. the history of the hebrew people is a map of all people who turn away from God, and then return, and then fall away again.
    i suppose the cycle must run its course.
    we are told to redeem the time. that is done by praying that the will of God be done. praying without ceasing.
    deb harvey


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