Wednesday, November 7, 2012

AHHH Excuse me SIR!!! WTF?

I don't know the exact numbers but we know there are at least 500 retired general officers out there in the former United States of America.

There were the 500 that endorsed Mitt Romney for President a few weeks past:

Nearly 500 top ranked Retired Military Officers place ad in Support of Romney

So we have almost 500 retired general officers with some sense, we know that much. We also know of at least one retired racist general officer named Colin Powell (who cares?) who is with the opposition and a few other general officers who have been playing musical chairs with Obama's agenda back and forth along with the ones currently serving in the lower star brigade who must cover the butts as they line up for their time in the four star chairs.

My question is where the F%$CK are you guys who have stepped aside? Growing fat on a pension somewhere while America crumbles beneath us?

Look. I realize making it to general officer status takes some serious political savvy and alot of ass kissing along with some serious work. Hell I imagine making it to field grade these days is next to impossible while still retaining your soul but c'mon not all of you can be indoctrinated office bishes. I know I went to OBC and advanced camp with some men who had to have gone the distance and at least back then they would never have stood silent for this shit.

The III movement has been screaming for a leader gentlemen. While I have always believed a true leader will present himself eventually it takes the proper atmosphere for someone not already blessed with rank to prove himself to a movement. As much as I can believe there is a Napoleon or another Thomas Sumter out there I can find no instance of a low ranked soldier rising to a leadership position without the movement or conflict already going.

I could dust off my little shiny bar that has been sitting in a desk drawer for 20 years and form up with my son but I doubt anyone would care.

All we need is one retired general officer to call those of like mind together and get this show on the road. One would do it.

But all we hear is crickets chirping.

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