Wednesday, November 7, 2012

OK Ladies I Salute You!

As the revised exit polls come out I am noticing that married women especially those over the age of 30 did break for Romney by about 56%. Almost a reverse from 2008.

If this is a trend and White women are once again joining with their race in significant numbers then we have a better chance of pulling through this. A much better chance as a matter of fact.

Now if you can just get your younger sisters in line we wouldn't have anything to worry about. Don't worry about the hormone filled young men we will work their stupidity out of em. Still White females went for Obama almost 10% above White males. These Younger White boys need to have their asses beat.

In fact I am going to look into this a bit more and I maybe reversing some of my current opinions. Not about Feminism mind you and the damage it has caused. Many within the above mentioned sub group supported it when they were younger and helped create this fiasco we find ourselves in. If they have seen the light then forgiveness is certainly in the cards however.


  1. Hey! What about those "old white chicks" that said f'u to both O and R and voted Libertarian!? :)
    (OMG, I AM an old white chick!!) Do we get a salute too?? :)


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