Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday Reading - I'ma Local Celebrity!!! -Updated

It's been really nice to actually get moving on progress again. This Summer has just been a real motivation killer. Even the sheep are feeling much much better and are back to bouncing and clowning around playing king of whatever little mound of hay or trailer I leave em in one of the pastures. While the losses, especially in the bees have been a bit depressing life goes on. Generally speaking I don't get too worked up over hive losses because it's gonna happen no matter how much you try and stop it and the actual hive is still usable....

Just have to catch more swarms next year!!!!

I need to get mowing again of course but this morning I will be taking a little trip about 60 miles or so East to a little hole in the forest town and looking at a hay elevator. The prospects are pretty good I will be bringing it home judging from the pictures which will be a huge help.

I am getting too old to throw those hay bales up into the loft. Since finding local country boys to help buck hay bales seems to be a thing of the past now adays. I don't blame the kids though seems like all the young teenage boys I know are buried under with some type of local school activities anymore. Of course the sheer overwhelming amount of distractions they get to enjoy these days doesn't help I am sure.

In my day we only had one real distraction and they were generally pretty mobile and could come along and kinda help. Or at least stand there and look pretty while we worked.

Speaking of distractions I found out I have a local fan club. You see I am still playing PokemonGo. YA laugh if you want but the way the game is set up if you happen to often be in a high cell phone use area AND walk a lot you can become a Pokemon god and it just so happens my job is perfect. I don't even really have to do anything other than keep my phone on while I am at work as one feature is a step counter that hatches Pokemon after so much distance. On my way home from work each day I stop at the local gym, which is a church in the little town down the road, and take it over for my team. The object is to then put your strongest pokemon in the gym and hold it as long as possible. In most cases holding a gym lasts about an hour before someone comes behind you takes it back.

Well I held that gym in town for almost two weeks recently. Someone took it over yesterday though and I stopped to take it back on the way home and while I was sitting there this group of about 12 young boys walked up to me and asked what my player name was. When I told them they actually asked for my autograph.

Seriously I am NOT making this up. They were all on other teams though so I promised them I would start taking the gym and leaving lower level Pokemon in there so they could capture the gym back and get the rewards each day. Turnover is key so everyone benefits and by monopolizing the gym I had been shutting them out without realizing it.

Sometimes I am bit too competitive :)

So I battled the gym down and made sure each kid took turns getting in and claiming his reward and promised them I wouldn't put my big guys in there anymore. I also promised em I would bust any big guns out of there so the gym can change hands more often.

Seemed the least I could do for adoring fans :)

Anyway back to work now. I will update if I buy the hay elevator.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!

Well the hay elevator was a bust. I hooked up the trailer, called the guy and told him I was on my way and by the time I got there he had already sold it out from under me. Wasted my entire morning and pretty much spoiled the entire day along with it. I don't understand why trying to find a hay elevator worth a damn is so hard around here. I went and checked an auction that had one listed yesterday and it was in such bad shape I didn't even bother to stay for it. Can't seem to find one to buy nor borrow one as even when people offer them up when ya need em they are always way out somewhere else in use.

Add hay elevator to my holy grail list I guess.


  1. You need to start your own gym where the boys get to compete in daily activities like the hay toss and the speed scythe weed cut. You can work the pokemon thing (whatever it is) into it and they can try to do the activities and imaginary things on their phones while exercising in the field.

    1. I like Sunnybrook's thinking!

    2. Nah these boys are too young for that. I don't even want to contemplate the what people would be saying about me then. Forced child labor, coercion of a juveniles... Man I would be burned at the stake.

    3. Sad, isn't it? You'd be doing them a favor in more ways than one. Hubby and friend did bales when they were growing up.
      People now days thinking 'child labor' are part of what's wrong with America.

      Congratulations on being famous!

      Be safe and God bless.

  2. Who are you and what have you done to PP!?! You've truly crossed over to the Dark Side. Next, you'll be naming the lambs with pokemon names... like Mareep or Flaaffy. haha

    Sounds like you're having way too much fun. Behave yourself! ;^)

    1. Hobo - LOL I really do like to play that little game. I loved Pokemon when my son was little and I just can't resist stopping and attacking the make believe gyms :)

  3. I'm less inclined to worry 'bout russia-us relations knowing you're out saving gyms and catching pokemons ;)

    1. Jewlz - LOL that's funny. Made the kids day though. After they asked me not to put my big guns in the gym and I agreed they were really happy though.

  4. What's Pokémon? Is it something I need to know about?

    1. It's a... craze that started in Japan. And no, you probably don't need to know. If you have teenagers they may know, but it has been years since my own boys were teens.

      No with the new Pokemon Go craze, a lot of adults got into it. You may have read about people walking in front of cars and off cliffs to find their poke pets?

      So no, nothing you really need to know about, Vera. ^_^

    2. Vera - Pretty much what Linda said. I would take exception to the walking out in front of cars thing though as I have found PokemonGo players pay more attention than the standard nose stuck to phone people see everywhere. It's really hard to throw the poke ball and walk at the same time :)

  5. Whoa, you're a local Pokémon hero! I have never played.
    We hired a teen that lives down the road for the hay tossing (I don't have the upper body strength for it myself) and he did a really good job and worked hard.


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