Monday, October 3, 2016

Still Busy But Got the Next Round of Hay Raked

Had a neighbor come up and cut the front half of the main field for me last Friday. We didn't get any rain over the weekend but we didn't see the sun either. Luckily it dried enough for me to rake it this evening. It had to be today because Wednesday they are forecasting rain once again of course so I have to get it all baled tomorrow.

As usual when I have hay down and needing attention with no time to dilly-dally my co-worker Ghetto Lottery calls in sick. He has a bad habit of doing on Mondays anyway and I know he shrugged off checking in a truckload of new vehicles last Friday too. He was probably worried he would have to do them today.

So I had to stay at work about five hours longer than usual. Then come home and rake. Of course the battery was dead on the tractor because of me screwing around with it after the sheep tried to eat the hot wire to the coil. I left the drawbar on the other 8N that I have getting fixed.... Which by the way turns out the generator is going bad on the thing. Luckily I have a spare 6 volt one laying around. Finally got the tractor going and drove in to get the drawbar. I used to have a spare drawbar but I ended up throwing it in with a tractor I sold last year to sweeten the deal and never replaced it.

So finally the Laurel and Hardy show is done and I actually have the rake hooked up and am making some serious windrows of hay. The tractor is running great even with my ethnically engineered quick fix still attached to the coil....and....

Believe it or not I got it all raked up without any other problem or costly breakdown.

I know... Knock on wood lol.

So tomorrow is another big hay baling day. Hopefully the last big one of the season although I still am going to try to get the little front field cut one more time yet.

I also am suppose to go pick up a hay elevator tomorrow from the same guy who cut my field. He is kinda an odd duck sort though as most of this was brokered through my mother because this guy doesn't respond well to other men. Not just my observation either as other local types have mentioned it to me. He is polite but very short to all the local guys but will fall all over himself if any female asks him to do anything. Works out well for me right now though.

My son is going to hate me tomorrow. He already groaned loudly when he saw me coming back up with the rake attached this evening.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. It will feel great when all the hay is in time for a party, good luck with it all hope the weather holds

  2. I hope you can figure out how to fix your sickle bar or some way to mow. You will be all set when that happens.
    It is looking like the car business has peaked and if it keeps up like it is there will be an excess of new cars as well as ones coming back off of lease. I am not sure if you will be more busy or less when the business changes.

  3. Hope the weather holds for you. Can you help me with a puzzle? I have followed My Adventures in Selfreliance for a long time but she has disappeared. Can't help but worry. Any idea where she is? I don't do Facebook. Thanks, Julia


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