Monday, September 12, 2016

Where Does Your Alligiance Lie?

One problem with long slow declines like the one we find ourselves in today is that there are no simple answers for the big questions. Oh in the end there certainly are simple solutions but there just aren't any simple questions or answers to go with them any longer. In the case of our current long slow slide we have entered territory no other civilization even dreamed of before due to politics of "feelings" like feminism and multi-culturalism that further muddy the waters.

One group feels they are persecuted. Government institutions move to make them feel less persecuted and end up persecuting other groups to appease the first. A vicious endless cycle that eventually leaves no group feeling any particular allegiance to any institution.

From a personal standpoint I certainly have little faith or feel much allegiance to any institution these days. Local churches seem to adhere to the same racial and gender biases as any government institution that I have seen. Local law enforcement seems to want to fill their ranks with "Judge Dredd" type thugs more than anything else and have no problem making up laws to harass whomever ends up in their particular cross hairs for whatever reason.

Individually I have few issues though but the final test in how things play out between all the local individuals has never been put to the test either.

I think this lack of a place to put one's allegiance is perhaps the scariest part of the long slow decline. Unlike Faramir who at least had his kingdom and city in decline to still hold some faith in we are more like the Ents. Lost in our own little areas with no allies and no one who truly wants to respect our own interests.

What rally cry would I follow? For love of country? A country that currently ignores the Constitution it was founded under and gives special benefits to those with different anatomy or darker skin than I because it says I don't deserve to be treated the same. I don't think so.

A church? One that refuses to allow men to volunteer for certain positions (Because well you know) but encourages women to volunteer for everything? Nah... I'll pass.

I guess like Treebeard in "Lord of the Rings" all I can say is "I am not on any bodies side because no one is on my side".

But there sure are a few Suramon's out there aren't there?

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. I walked away from our local church when it was taken over by a open communist. He starting offering free $5 bills to the local drunks if they came to church. He never volunteered to clean the church and I got tired of mopping up piss from the drunks who lost bladder controle during the service.

    I lost faith in the feds when the tax auditor told me she was recinding my deductions because I worked in the oil patch and was "helping to rape mother earth".

    I lost faith in the cops when they refused to arrest a guy who unsuccessfully tried to rob the local bank. They claimed because of his race the judges would have him out in a day and it wasn't worth the paperwork or headaches to charge him knowing it would be useless.

    My loyalties are to my wife, my children, friends and some community members.


  2. And this, Preppy, is why the lights are finally going out. Not arguing against it, just stating a simple fact. I do find it interesting that somehow those that are breaking and abusing the institutions still feel that others (The Unwashed Masses? The Deplorables?) should continue to remain loyal and faithful to them and continue to bear with their dictates.

    "A thing is about to happen which has not happened since the Elder Days. The Ents are going to wake up, and find that they are strong."

  3. I know where I'm going when the lights go out. I am going to fall back to the Small Hold - or some place like it. My supplies and wife will go in - but me and my rifle are going up on that wall and by God Almighty - I'll die there if need be. I can think of no better way to fall from this earth, defending those that will rebuild and restore our society from those that will otherwise destroy it. Being without allegiances makes a man very dangerous indeed. It makes killing people that need it a whole lot easier.

    My soul to my Maker, my heart to the winds.

  4. Our country won't fall, but it will bear the consequences for the actions you listed. I my town, there are actually two towns; the "old" town, and the "new" town; the one populated by Section Eight welfare bums and other urban excrement. You can tell who the old town people are just by talking to them. You can tell just by the way they act and interact. I will fight for the old town; for the old America. I will NOT be party to what is going on now. Anyone who can't see what is coming is either blind, or has chosen not to look and see...

  5. For me, God, Family, Country/Constitution, Not political party, nor race.


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