Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Well YA Don't See That Everyday

So yesterday late afternoon my mother calls me and asks if I brought home a big white turkey. I'm like what?

She tells me there is a big white turkey running around outside the barn.

Honestly my first thought was that she had offered the place up as a home for someone's unwanted turkey and was trying to play the whole thing off like it had just showed up. Believe me it wouldn't be the first time she has done something like that.

This time though I think she is innocent.

So I went outside and found this old mostly white peacock with two white headed Guinea hens following it and running all around the place.

The trio damned near started a major episode with the chickens and put Cogburn the Rooster into a hissy fit and a half.

I didn't get an actual picture of the trio and stole the one on top from the internet. The peacock and his guinea hen followers explored the barn, the hay loft and yard and then headed out into the pasture for the loafing shed. They were too far away to take a picture when I finally thought about it. They then headed off to the back of the pasture through the head high tangle of weed growth and have not been seen since. I lost track of them somewhere near the old farm pond I have back there.

Not 100% sure where they came from nor where they were heading but thankfully they didn't try and set up residence here.

Ya know it was one thing when I got routine visits from all the local dogs but having strange birds wander through the place is just a little odd.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Caution, they are Hillarys spies sent to see what your hiding..

  2. When you hear screams at dawn or at dusk relax, it's the peacocks. We have "wild" ones coming thru here to feed and they get real brazen--sitting on gate and daring you to try to open it. Used to roast them in south Florida. Don't know how they taste. Pairs go for between $150-$175. Sell if you can catch!!!

  3. I have never seen anything like that, talk about black swans, the old white peacock might be some sign that you should be running in circles and yelling or something.


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