Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Can YA Believe I Got Back to the Fencing?

I didn't take any pics so I re-used one from this last Winter BUT I am back to work on the fencing project!!!

Currently I am working on the Northern half of the control paddock which some of you may remember is a little paddock off the side of the barn that will have gates into the barn lot, Ram Paddock number 2, the Horse pasture, the East Sheep pasture and the South Sheep pasture as well as a gate out into the front of the barn and access to a storage shed. So seven gates in total. Five of the gates are already hung and in use but I need to move the ram into the paddock for holding while I finish off the North side and then the North and West side of his new paddock.

Another words it's one of those do a little taking two step forwards then arrange stuff taking a step back. It's really very annoying to be honest but I am back to making headway and should with luck be able to move the ram into his temporary digs this week.

This part will also require me to make a shelter for the ram as the end result will cut him off from access to the barn. When it is all finished however I will be able to allow both rams access to whichever pasture the ewes and lambs are not using. Give them a chance to stretch their legs a bit more and act more Ram-like and pretend they are not shut up in a small paddock all the time and eat some real grass.

Of course the ewes, yearlings and lambs all had to come see what I was doing and sniff all my tools to see if they were edible. They even tasted a few things.

I also put up the 12 or so bales of hay that got wet before I could put them in the barn. Maybe 7 of them were getting some mold but I used them to finish up around the basement, fed the good stuff to the sheep and saved 2 bales back to scatter around the chicken coop area. Even when the hay gets ruined around here it is still usable for something worthwhile.

All I can say is I am celebrating the fact that this heat, rain and humidity has finally broke. Once again I feel like I am getting stuff done besides mowing every day. Speaking of which the grass hasn't stopped growing so I am going to have to start the mowing rotation again soon but at least I am getting some breathing room now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Thank goodness Preppy. We had a rather lot of rain on Sunday in a short time (2" in about 45 minutes) but it has been pleasantly cool now. I keep hoping Autumn has finally decided to stick.

  2. congrats on being able to get some more fencing done! and also for finding different ways to use your moldy hay! i am glad that the rain, humidity and heat have finally broke for you buddy - you've had a seriously strange summer!

    sending love! your friend,

  3. Your fence looks great! Thank goodness for cooler weather.


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