Wednesday, September 28, 2016

And So We Come to This

I had a different post in the works for today but this afternoon and this evening I was bombarded with the news about the latest hate crime out of the University of (I wish it wasn't in) Missouri.

MU Frat Suspended Following Reports of Racial Slurs On Campus

LOL and this is news?

I seriously cannot believe this kind of thing made national news. Not only that but the scuttlebutt I been hearing and reading on some other local comment sections is that this thing went down nowhere near like all these "Lame Stream" media places are saying.

Two innocent young black women were strolling down the street minding their own business on their way to the local charity night at the bingo party type of thing.....

Ya right.

When they were accosted by evil white men and their screaming white woman who just started yelling racial slurs. When the innocent young black girls called for help the dashing young ebony knights came to their rescue only to be verbally attacked themselves from the racist, evil white fraternity boys.

Ok you buy into that if you want to.

No dear readers the truth of what actually happened will never be reported although rest assured if I see a good first person account I will repost it. All we will know for sure is that whatever happened is not what is being portrayed and the MSM has an agenda it is still following.

That last point ought to be enough in it's self.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Wow! I wonder why white collegians can't have a "legion..."

  2. Those college boys are probably still sitting around saying how unfair it it. Better learn it there than figure it out after wasting more money on college, they will be kicked out and have seniority at the drive through.


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