Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Reading - Still Way Behind

Although the rains have slowed down a little bit and we are getting the occasional cooler day now and then I am still in the middle of a huge catch up arc that seems to be never ending. As I have said over and over again this mostly involves constant mowing. Something I am of course going to be starting on once again as soon as I finish this post.

There just is no end to it this year it seems. Right now I should be out worried about whether the Goldenrod is going to be a big bloom this year, feeding raw wax into my solar melter day after day and lamenting the fact that all the White Clover is dried up. As it stands now it feels much more like late Spring.

The Barber-pole worm threat should be gone by now and I should be putting up hay constantly but instead I am looking at wet grass, storm clouds and still catching a ewe every few days to dose her again when she comes up with that swelling under her chin.

It's been a rough Summer here so far no doubt about it, with little gains and constant work just to keep from having too many losses. The only thing I can say that has been booming has been the amount of firewood added to the stash from all the trees that have come down or people feared would come down and having cut. Of course hauling it all has only added to the extra work and put me behind more.

So anyway back to work for me. Since the sun is actually shining right now you know where I will be. On the mower.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. New Farmers says here in Mn says it will be more of the same, rain on and off, next few weeks. It think Winter will be snowy. Time to turn up prepping for an ugly winter.

  2. We're seeing some trees starting to turn, despite the 95F temps we've had the past couple of days. It may have been the week of 47F lows. I think we may be in for an early Autumn/Winter.

  3. It has been very hot here the past few days. But the crickets are starting to sound more like they do in early autumn, so it must be coming.


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