Thursday, August 11, 2016

Quick Update

The heat and humidity are back once again. I can't believe this is August and it's still this humid and rainy here. We haven't gotten a big rain in a couple of days though but sprinkles still every day. Some spots are drying out regardless but that humidity just won't go away at all.

I walked the complete fence line and found no traces of the donkey, nor any signs of a body, struggle or decomposing smells. However I did get a strong wiff of decomposing the other day. So either the old girl is alive and hiding in there or the scavengers made such short work of her that there isn't enough left to make a strong smell. The other possibility is she made a last minute geriatric bid for freedom and has left the area which would be odd since every time she has gotten out before she just goes into the barn.

Honestly I have searched pretty thoroughly so I am suspecting the scavengers got her remains and have scattered it around enough that there is nothing substantial left to find. Although the pasture is over grown and you need a machete to search every inch I would think I would come across something left of her.

Of course she has made a lot of coyote enemies over the years they may have made an example of her remains. The thing that get's me though is that if she did die out there I would think the Vultures would be thick in whatever spot she fell but I have not seen any vultures down there.

Anyway haven't got time to do much more than look. It's back to the mowing cycle for me tomorrow AGAIN.

I really hate mowing.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Even with coyotes running around I still find most of deer skeletons at times. Maybe the donkey has found some hideout where an animal lover is taking care of it.

  2. PP,

    Could someone have taken her? We've had problems in OK with the theft of cattle, and horses.

  3. It seems you would at least find some bones and fur. I don't like when animals go missing. We had a dog disappear four years ago and I still wonder what happened to him at least once a week.

  4. A donkey is just good to have around. I hope you find it.


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