Friday, June 17, 2016

Why Those Who Demand Gun Control Are Idiots

Well really the list of why those who cry for any type of gun control are idiots is pretty much endless. Aside from the fact that it is each of our God given right to own weapons as acknowledged by the Constitution and the Founding Fathers there are many other reasons often given and systematically ignored or waived off by the gun control asshats.

They complain no one needs semi-automatic weapons? Well I suppose that is true if you are living in some urban trailer park or suburban community where you are sheltered from mother nature in all her untamed glory.

Ever seen what a pack of feral dogs or mixed coyote and dogs can do to a calf, lamb or kid? Ever tried culling a pack with a bolt action rifle? Ever hunted any of the big cats? Ya modern semi-automatic firearms do have their legitimate non-military use trust me. Of course those who try and enforce their own opinion from their government given motorized wheel chair can't think beyond their own fat noses.

But all that aside it isn't the gun control freaks narrow minded opinions that make them the biggest idiots but their own stupidity. How many times have I seen or heard the very same fool who proclaims "Citizens do not need weapons of war" when referring to a black rifle turn around and complain about government control or the growing police state? Do these folks not understand the two things are connected at their core?

Citizens needed firearms as tools but beyond that the very core belief of the Constitution is a small standing government and military. The only way to do this is to rely on a strong militia and throughout history American's used the militia  on many occasions. From crime fighting to stopping illegal voting fraud the militia has been called on in many parts of the country since America was formed. The last time was the Battle of Athens Tenn. when a local thug had gained power and hired hundreds of henchmen as deputies. The militia came out and put a stop to it.

That was 70 years ago.

Before that the militia was used in Missouri to help put down ruffians, organized groups of terrorist called Bald Knobbers and countless other reasons in other parts of the country.

These militia call ups required the men to arm themselves and with modern (at the time) weapons of war.

Now some gun control fool maybe asking "what does that have to do with today, it is all ancient history?"

Well I suppose it is to some but what they should be asking themselves is why we no longer need a militia like we once did. The answer is pretty simple.


The Federal government began to suppress militias after the Civil war, but they couldn't really get rid of them until the powers that be came up with the idea of FIAT money and the Federal Reserve. These allowed the government to start us on this debt cycle that will eventually destroy the life we have all come to enjoy. The very idea that we do not need a local militia and that no citizens should own (so called) weapons of war hinges entirely on a government able to spend any amount of money it cares to create and then tax it's citizens one way or another to pay for it. The government does this by hiring and paying for it's own standing army be that actual military or the 200+ thousand (Yes I said thousand) alphabet police forces we have running around today.

So when some fool calls for gun control what they are really calling for is more government spending, a much larger military and police state and greater government control. This may sound OK to some although I doubt many would be happy with all three but gun control loons are also stating they have complete and total faith in unchecked deficit spending and the Federal reserve as well.

These idiots just have no idea how things fit together or what they really want.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Automobiles kill and maim more people per year than guns by the thousand. Perhaps those same dysgenic people that call for the limiting the 2nd Amendment need to give up their autos...better yet they need a high five in the forehead near a cliff. Just sayin'

  2. Coyote / dog crosses run in packs in my area. They attack in groups of 10+ sometimes. That is why i need a semi auto.

    1. A semi-auto with a 30 round mag.

    2. K and Anon- I tell ya the people they let buy cars and drive scares me more than armed muslims actually.

      And yes the feral dog issue is a problem in many areas.

  3. Buy more ammo......they are coming after that in California. The rest of the blue states can't be far behind.

  4. So which government agencies are armed? Here's a list of Armed Federal Agencies.

  5. Gun control is like declawing your house cat and then putting it outside.

  6. You hit the nail on the head! Ralph and I gave ourselves nightmares last night by talking about the next president and how things got this bad. When I hear thanks to Soldiers for keeping us free I wince because they send the soldiers to other countries while they whittle the freedom they fight for away at home! Between debt and legislation to control us in small but pervasive and ever increasing ways we are in so much trouble!

  7. Senator Tom Coburn's opinion piece in this week's Wall Street Journal listed all the federal spending on guns and ammo by Federal agencies. Worth a read if you can find a copy or on the web. Fascinating and scary! One agency after another. More people in some agencies with guns than the entire Marine Corps

  8. I am definitely in favor of gun control.

    And by that I mean:

    1. Hitting your target.
    2. Not letting your gun go off accidentally.
    3. Not letting your gun fall into the wrong hands.

  9. Its bad enough when one fool thinks like that, but when others start to say the same thing for no reason at all, just go with the flow. Have you seen the Waters segment on Fox News? It proves folks don't have a clue.


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