Thursday, June 16, 2016

I Go Slumming for Liberal Lies

Now that this heat has gotten so oppressive here that it is basically keeping me inside when I should be out working I have a bit more time for less than useful pursuits.

Actually this is just a temporary thing as it's the humidity rather than the heat that makes outside work so uncomfortable right now. Truth is it's been so dry that the humidity is going fast and although today was hotter than yesterday it actually felt a little cooler out. Still too hot for me to done the bee suit or work on the fence section but I predict in another day or so I will be able to.

That being said I still have a bit of time left over to go slumming around some blogs and sites I consider enemy territory from time to time. It's amazing the type of stuff these idiots will try and pass off. One of my favorites is claiming Obummer spends less than other Presidents have. Occasionally I will see some claim like that so outlandish I have to figure out how anyone, even insane liberal types, can even conceive of such a thing. Well in the above farce it's done by ignoring actual dollar signs and focusing on percentage of GDP.

For instance at the height of the WWII debt payments the US was paying out around 118 billion or about 110% of GDP while in 2015 Obummer's regime is pushing out something like 6.4 trillion and around 105% of GDP. SO in Liberal think that means Obummer is spending less.

It all rolls back into what I consider one of the most devious tricks progressive liberal feminist came up with some time ago. Deception in government spending. They pretty much capped the deal with education spending but have used the same tactic in so many ways you have to be quick and inquisitive to figure out how they are spinning their yarns.

It goes something like this....

A liberal will scream about defense spending and claim we spend more on it than anything else then throw up a chart showing federal spending by group. Sure enough defense is the largest (Or was up to about 2000 or so when Pensions beat it out). However there is always the open spending group that is usually quite large and their numbers never seem to include state and local spending mandated by the federal government or money matching schemes where the state pays X into education (or Y) and the government gives them Z funds for something else. As I mentioned education is one sector they use this in but they also use it to great effect in welfare, especially in some of the larger economic middle man states like Kalifornia. They get Kalifornia to pay a huge amount of the welfare the feds want but then that money doesn't get counted as federal spending on welfare.

Another recent claim I saw was that Obummer (and democrat presidents in general) created more jobs than Republicans and actually shrunk government employees. Again correct until you figured in State government growth mandated by the Democratic Presidents. The charts they use only show Federal government numbers and then count the state and local government growth as actual job growth.

The problem with these lies and half truths is they are so incredibly hard to disprove at face value. Often times the data you need to see the entire picture isn't available or is very hard to find. Even more often, especially when talking about GDP and such you find that the data used today is so radically different from what was used even ten years ago you cannot really ever get a good comparison picture when you try. There is also the added problem of often needing to figure out just which data they picked and chose to make their claim.

I usually find that trying to unravel and then debunk liberal lies eats up hours and gives me a headache but ultimately it is worth it if I can open the eyes of even one reader.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Remember when everyone got all outraged when Nixon lied and he left office. That is the big difference now, a lie means nothing to the public unless they really go after someone then they try to get outraged. They have played the same cards so often that it is hard to get a good outrage going.

  2. Yeah, I saw that crap up at The Mohave Rat. Lost any respect I had for the old fart. Didn't say anything though, he's old and stupid and getting mad at him wouldn't accomplish anything.

    Fact is, I've given up on liberals and leftists altogether. When they go political in any discussion I bluntly tell them to take their notions and get ****ed. When they get hissy about it tell them they are either a liar or an idiot and I don't have time for either.
    That's when the subject usually changes or we go our separate ways.

  3. It has been really hot here too. We have had crazy thunderstorms the past two nights. This is good for my garden but last night we lost power for the night. I was happy to see it come back on at 5:30 this morning. Yay coffee!

  4. Man, here in the mountains it has been rainy and cold.


  5. Been cool here, only two days above 90. Humidity still high but not bad compared to Fla. LOL. Remember Liberals don't lie, just ask the Clinton's.....


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