Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Reading - Sociopath Democrats Love Idiots

I remember my first real experience with true sociopaths. It was right after the tech bubble burst back in the early 2000's and I found myself an unemployed white collar worker at the height of the anti-White male hiring frenzy.

So I went to work at a warehouse and met the types that claim they manage such things.

Wow is the only thing I could say. I had never in my life been surrounded by such down right ignorant people nor had to answer to such base mean spirited supervisors or managers ever.

The obvious lies the management would tell were one thing. I remember one time they announced we had to work double shifts and a Sunday because there might be a flood. Not that we had had a flood that actually closed a bridge in over a decade around here but that was their excuse and the idiots I worked with just said nothing. We didn't even have that much work piled up either but it was obvious we had reached a point where even paying employees double time was still cheaper than not being in operation because wages had sunk so low.

Try explaining falling wages to your average low wage worker and watch their eyes glass over.

By the time I had been there a few years the management had become so bold and convinced the workers were so stupid they would throw out numbers and not even try and hide what they were doing. One of my favorites was when a manager explained she was changing the quota for returning merchandise to some bins. The old quota had been listed as a scan every 2 minutes but she announced she was dropping the quota to 45 scans an hour?

And the idiots who worked in her department thought it was great?

They also instituted an absentee point system using half and quarter points that would fall off at the end of the month or the beginning depending if they were pluses or minuses. At the end of each week I was spending on average 30 minutes helping some poor slob figure out how to convert quarter points into decimals so he or she could see if they were really about to get fired. On several occasions I discovered they were being lied to as various managers and supervisors were selectively running reports and using print screen to show what they wanted to selectively fire someone because they knew the employee couldn't do the math.

When reading this article on the recent Sugar Tax in Philly I got that same feeling as I did when dealing with sociopath managers back at that warehouse.

Dogshit & Sugar -Tax  in Philadelphia

And now for the best part. At the 11th hour, as Kenney was paying off the various constituents and offering bribes to opponents, he made some slight deviations to his “sugar tax”. He extended the tax to diet beverages which have NO SUGAR in them. He sold the tax to the public as a health issue. Then he obligated over 60% of the tax revenues to the general fund – not to Pre-K or rec centers. The bait and switch was complete. He bought the votes in city council with bribes, going against the will of the citizens. He then earmarked most of the money to paying the gold plated pensions of his government union lackey supporters. The tax passed yesterday.

It kinda reminds me of my state capital city. A few years ago they went on a campaign to build a bike bridge over the Missouri river attached to one of the traffic bridges. At the time they proclaimed loudly about how much revenue it would bring the city. Millions of dollars a year as bike riders would now use the bridge to come to Jefferson City to eat and stay at the little bed and breakfast places.

I forget now but at the normal 7% sales tax I think I figured out there would need to be 200K bike riders come across and spend $200.00 a day each week to meet the figure they claimed.

What's more though is I crossed the traffic bridge the other day, which is now down to two lanes each way as they work on the second bridge. Traffic is a mess and it was made even worse because holding up traffic guessed it.... a small pack of bike riders. Apparently using the special multi-million dollar bridge made for them is too much of a pain and besides they pay for the roads too ya know.

Our problem isn't that we have corrupt politicians and welfare queens. Our problem is we our living in a mob rule democracy that requires no skin in the game or intelligence to vote. That's why democrats love idiots so much.

And it's only going to get worse.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Ahh taxes.....on sugary drinks....does no one realize the sweetener that causes all the health problems is High Fructose Corn Syrup and it is in everything! Tax the use of HFCS and not only would coffers bulge with cash but the health issues linked to it would vanish....but then that makes financial losses in the areas of health care and diet and nutrition business as well as the decimation of corn farmers and Monsanto would have to get involved as their sales of GMO corn would plummet! Yeicks its all so intertwined.

  2. We are truly surrounded by idiots and fools. On the bright side, when the time comes, we will not have to look far to engage the targets.

  3. It all goes back to there being very few ways left to thin the herd based on intelligence.

  4. It's amazing how some employers get upset when you call them out on their antics. It's more amazing is how some of the employees just follow blindly.

  5. People seem to take advantage if they can get away with it. I have seen it in various work places too.

  6. Our leaders want sheep. If sheep were bred for brains instead of meat and wool, they'd be able to do for themselves, instead of needing shepherds. In fact, they wouldn't even LISTEN to the shepherds or their "dogs." They aren't bred for brains though. Today's American citizen is much the same; willingly allowing themselves to be led one way or another; either to be sheared or to be slaughtered... And, like sheep they fight to be at the head of the line for both...

  7. We have a very interesting power play going on where I work. Push has come to shove with our senior salesman over some jiggery pokery and 'aggressive accountin' with regards to commissions. He just quit.

    Dear gawd - I hope they don't expect me to step into his shoes. I have a BS threshold too and no interest in management whatsoever...


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