Friday, April 22, 2016

Two Strikes with Swarms Today

After work this morning I went and checked all my swarm traps on the way home. Nothing in any of them. The one that had so many bees flying around it yesterday was empty this morning as well. On my way in to get a bite to eat and change into work clothes for some bee hive checking I happened to catch one of the garden hives sending out a swarm itself.

I destroyed a couple of swarm cells out of that hive back in March but as usual they just started all over again.

Remember what I have always said about bees. It's easy enough to get them to do what they want to do but like dating college age girls it's impossible to get them to NOT do something they want to do. No matter how bad it maybe for them in the end. Or you for that matter.

So I stood and watched hoping the swarm would ball up on a lower branch. No such luck. That queen lead em to the highest part of a Boxelder tree right behind the hive. It was at least 25 foot in the air and on some very thin branches too.

I decided to try and recover the swarm. I figured I could brace a ladder off the trunk of another tree and reach the branch the ball was on if I was very careful. I went inside to change out of my shorts and into long pants and when I came out the entire swarm was gone. I have never seen a new swarm leave the initial swarm spot so quickly before. Sometimes they literally hang around for days.

No clue where the swarm went or anything. Maybe they swarmed without the queen and went back into the hive. Like I said I haven't a clue.

All I know is so far I have struck out twice for swarm season this year. I sure hope my luck improves soon.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Does anyone else in your area catch swarms? Would your bees go to another hive or become wild?

  2. I think this will be another year like the last one. Lots of swarms.

  3. Only two strikes means you're still up to bat!

  4. Hopefully there's always another swarm!


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