Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kids Corner!!! UPDATED

Between lambing season and mowing season I didn't get to make a post yesterday. Sorry about that but I had to get mower number 2 up and running and tag the latest set of twin boys as well. Today I also needed to check all the swarm traps, refresh the lure and then put the blade on the 8N to start cleaning up all the wasted hay I now have covering the garden.

I let the sheep out into the main hay field for about an hour while I used the blade so I wouldn't run the risk of squishing a baby lamb.

After only a few minutes the mothers were so interested in the new growth grass they pretty much forgot about the lambs. The lambs for their part were not much interested in grass but they did like the shade tree and eventually kinda formed their own little flock of youngsters. Frazier the ram was happy for the company believe it or not and they all rested in the shade while the mom's munched away.

After pushing the old loose hay around for a while I went to check the hives at the back of the pasture. They were out in full force today. I don't think it will be long until I start seeing some swarms at this rate.

Tomorrow I need to take the Winter inner covers off the small hives and mow around all the stands. Then open up the bottom trays and put the ant traps and sticky traps inside to help keep the pests at bay. The ants appear like they are going to be especially bad this year I am afraid.

After the rain we got Sunday and Monday I think the gate posts I put in last week should be about ready to start installing the support beams and maybe even hanging gates tomorrow afternoon as well.

Just as I was shutting things down and putting stuff away this evening another ewe went into labor and delivered.... wait for it.... Another set of black boy lambs....

That makes 13 Black rams and 3 White ewes with only 1 White ram lamb. Weirdness actually and not one problem birth yet either. So far the new blue faced breeding ram appears to only want to sire little black lambs just like him although we are seeing more semi-badger faced lambs then ever before this year as well.

At this point we are a little over halfway finished with lambing season. Once this hectic two to three week period is over things will start to slow down again just in time for swarm season.

Never a dull moment around the Small-Hold it seems.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!!!!

So the twins that were being born this evening turned out to be triplets. All three black and all three rams. That raises the score a little bit now.

It's the year of the Ram I guess.


  1. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Somehow, I got to this advanced age without knowing sheep began life with tails- what a dummy I feel LOL.

    1. jewlz - Yep they actually have quite long tails as a mater of fact. If you don't band them so they fall off it can cause some problems with feces in the wool back there not to mention make em easier for a predator to get a hold of I guess.

  2. It is a great job to keep them clean and to maintain. You are doing a great job. Keep going!

  3. dear me - yer jobs just never stop eh? how come there are no new pics of the newest babies? although i love the top pic of the bunch of them horsing around - bhahaha! you have been seriously busy my friend..and it doesn't go unnoticed!

    sending much love to my little nutter brother from another mother! (you still haven't mentioned your age since i broadcasted that i am 45 and just received my delivery of a proper mermaid tail. oh i haven't mentioned that in a previous post? no worries. i'll put the darn thing on and take a pic of it in the hottub. i can't wait to wear it in the river and ocean. always wanted a mermaid tail and now i have one.)

    so cough up your age, little nutty brother! sending much love, as always! your big sis,

    1. kymber - I am 51. For almost a month now :)

      I am looking forward to the mermaid tail pics :)

      I don't take pics of the lambs much when they are in the birthing stalls. It's so dark in there it's hard to get them to come out.

    2. Oh and besides I usually let the Women folk dot he birthing attendance stuff I am just the guy who does all the heavy carrying.

  4. I love to see the lambs getting together in their own flock, especially when they are having their play times. I noticed yesterday that one of the male lambs is big enough to be challenged by our ram now, and we only have one lamb who is still young enough to want to play, the rest are now too buy grazing.

    1. Vera - I have noticed our lambs tend to play until well over a year old although it does fall off some. Cool weather will get them going and I noticed yesterday two of the yearlings were frolicking around with the two oldest lambs from this year already. Sandwich is almost 5 now and she will still play if she can get someone to play with her.

  5. PP,

    You can say that again......never a dull moment there at The Small Hold :-)

    What's with all the twins this season?

    They're adorable little boogers....

    1. Not only twins but black rams and more badger faced lambs than I have ever seen in one place before. This new ram is throwing em out like crazy.


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