Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Missouri Primary Prediction - Heh I Voted for the Real Clown

I couldn't help myself today. Normally I don't actually vote in the Primaries unless there is a serious member of the Constitutional Party running or for some reason my favorite candidate is in a close race which has never happened before. This time however I decided to use the primary to take a stab at the one I want to see lose more than I want to see anyone else win.

Hillary of course.

It also made it easy since the polling place was like right on my way home.

I am still a Trump supporter and I hope he wins but my gut feeling on the subject is he will take Missouri tonight by a larger margin than most experts think. I admire Trump more and more each time he fires back at the left and at this point to be honest even if I disagreed with his proclaimed policies I would vote for him just because the Feminist/Multi-Cult hates him so much.

But my loathing of anything Clinton and more specifically that thing they call Hillary eclipses everything else. I would love to see the socialist old White guy beat her out of the femocrat nomination.

So for the first time in my life I actually requested a Femocrat form to vote. The little old ladies at the polling place looked at me funny because they already had grabbed a Republican form for me. I told them I wanted to see Hitlery lose more than anything else today at which point they nodded their understanding.

A little covert operation in the morning is sometimes a good thing.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. You are lucky a lightning bolt didn't come through the roof of the voting place and blow the fingers off of your voting hand or even worse parts of your anatomy to make you into a life long squatting liberal. Tempting fate my boy!

  2. Awesome, PP! Good work!

    Years ago I did something similar: my brother in law is an idiot liberal and an unrepentant union slob. He and I don't like each other and at Christmas we often exchanged gag gifts that were really cloaked insults.

    Being Canadian and conservative, one year I made a donation to the Conservative Party of Canada in his name - and he darn near had a stroke! HAR HAR HAR! It was salt in his wounds when the CPC started sending him newsletters, calendars, junk mail and thank you notes and urged him to support funding drives and initiatives.

    We don't speak anymore...can't imagine why...HAR HAR HAR!

    1. I did the same thing to my ex-brother in law but it was the reform party I donated $20 in his name too.


  3. every time I hear Hillary speak..it makes me throw up. Every time I see her sheeple lining up and cheering behind her, I want to carve someones gut with a spoon. I soooo bad want to see crazy Bernie take the nomination away from her. That would be the perfect slam. However, they are giving her the nomination, all these "super delegates" is pure BS. I do so hope he goes independent and takes votes from her.
    What really concerns me, is the General election..and the people who are already saying they wouldn't vote for trump because he does not represent their values... I am so sick of hearing that, this election is too important, Hillary can not be given the white house.


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