Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Gettin Ready for Shearing Day

Well my evil plan of supporting the clown Bernie over Hitllary didn't work out. It seems at the last minute she managed to grab victory from the jaws of defeat and to make matters worse Trump barely got by with a win as well. Not that it matters too much in Missouri since we kinda have a hybrid system and give out shared delegates.

I did notice that Cruz won all the counties that were close to major state government centers with the exception of St. Louis and I figure most of the government employees in St. Louis are still Femocrat hold outs. The last few weeks before the primary the establishment state republicans were pushing hard for Cruz and so the heavily republican state employees jumped right on the band wagon. All the counties around Jefferson city and Columbia, KC, and Springfield went to Cruz while the counties that contain Hannibal and the Cape did as well. All the more rural counties went to Trump quite easily.

I also noticed in most counties the republican ballots out numbered the femocrat by a wide margin. I hope the rest of the country follows this trend come November.

Work progresses to get the sheep all housed and locked up this evening. First I needed to get the nose and radiator grill back on the 861 Diesel so I can move it out for shearing day. I managed to finally get it all fit back together relatively straight and looking passable. She has definitely been wrecked in the front end at some point but is starting to come back together. The glare hid the cyclops emblem but never fear more pictures will be coming.

I was able to crack open the hive I thought was dead but was showing so much activity and verify it is indeed a Winter deadout. The bees I see coming and going are robbers from the neighboring hives and they are doing a good job of cleaning it out too.  You can tell from the dead bees and cappings littering the lower entrance landing. I will give them another week or so to clean it out to the comb and then take it apart. There was a pretty good store of honey left inside so either the queen failed on this hive or as I suspect it over swarmed this last Summer and couldn't build back up enough.

Anyway I am off to move the ram and start rearranging a few other spots for shearing. Looks like from the forecast the sheep are going to have to be locked up for at least the next three days to keep them out of the rain.

They ain't gonna like that with all this grass growing around here.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. I noticed the same thing about Hillary's votes vs. Trumps. She keeps claiming she is getting more support, but not when I do the math. The same happened in NC. He drew in more then her. But, if The Bern drops out, you suppose those sheeple will flock to her? I think he will go Independent

    1. JuGM - Sanders going third party would be the ultimate right now. I am afraid the repubs will cheat Trump out of the nomination somehow and cause a split that will hand the election to Hitlery.

      I have nightmares about it.

  2. We don't have our sheep sheared until the end of May, which is just enough time for me to try and use up some of the fleece I have in store from last year's shearing!

    1. Vera - We try and have em all sheared before lambs start dropping. I bet it gets a bit warmer here on average than were you are too. By May the sheep around here will tell ya they are roasting to death :)

      We have so much fleece around here I have no clue what to do with it. My mother is suppose to be the big fleece manager and she can never make herself actually skirt any of it. After two years I toss em.

  3. You realize that Bernie has the same political views as Lee Harvey Oswald had the moment he blew Kennedy's head apart. As bad as Hitlery is, she is not even at the level of this pure evil piece of work.
    That tractor is looking real good, don't let the girls scratch it, I wouldn't let them get near it with clothes on, buttons and buckles will scratch it up too much.

    1. Sf - Oh I am sure old Sanders is evil but he is also kinda an idiot and I think Trump can beat him handily. Hillary on the other hand knows and will use the great femocrat election fraud machine. Even if Sander's won I think everyone one would rebel against him with Hitlery not so much.

      I told the tractor girls only bikini's on the 861 for now. With lots of suntan oil :)


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