Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tractor Time - Standing Tall

Not sure what happened to my daily post last night. As of this morning almost 14 hours after making the post it still has not updated to blogger.

The lack of updating at times is the single most annoying complaint I have about Blogger. I know it's free and all but you would think they could at least get that little bug fixed.

So I dug the old F-150 emergency escape vehicle out of the snow this morning and am ready to head for work.

Not sure how much snow we got overall or if the highways have been cleared yet but looks like about 4 inches for the Small-Hold and the road outside ain't been touched.

That's MoDot for ya. Largest budget in history and they ain't got enough money to even scrape the roads. Wonder where all that money is going?

As usual click for a larger image and I will be back tonight.


  1. It looks warm there, no wait it looks down right hot out on your farm, whats all this talk about snow?
    Still canning rooster today, have fun in the 150, I need to put the blade on the Ferguson.

  2. Where's the money going, you ask? Easy: to all the MoDOT bigwigs in Jeff City & around the state, all the regional heads, and all their contractors and suppliers. And don't forget all that booze & food (and other things) for the legislature.


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