Saturday, January 23, 2016

Almost Over

Got one last run to do this morning and then my work week will come to an end and I can start catching things up around the Small-Hold.

What started out as a simple one day affair Wednesday turned into four days of 12 hour shifts.

I am now behind on just about everything around here from carrying in feed bags to getting more firewood moved into the racks and probably need to do some more splitting as well.

As I have often said this slow decline period is the hardest part of prepping as we have to keep one foot planted in the current fiasco while the other is placed in the world to come. Double the time restraints and resource expenditures.

Need to make a quick run into Illinois today and then I will be back to catch up on comments and posts.

I wonder how readers back East are doing with the storm this morning.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Not bad here, probably a foot or so of very light snow. I guess it would be a major problem if I had to get out to walmart to buy more cookies and chips. Fixed a pot of beef stew with our canned beef, it was wonderful.

  2. You burning the candle at both ends PP :-)

  3. The storm is passed now but I won't be able to drive up my driveway for a while. Luckily I don't need to bring any 50 lb. animal food bags in for a good while!

  4. PP,

    Be safe out there on the roads and in Illinois.
    I'm back from TX just for a couple of days then I return. Planning on handing the keys over to a Realtor Saturday.....YAY!!!! I hope our plans workout.


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