Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Meeting Myself Coming and Going

Working three 12 hour shifts today until Friday this week. My Mother got some kind of food poisoning Saturday and has been out of action since then and is now in the hospital being "Re-hydrogenated" or something like that. If I don't sound concerned it's cause she doesn't act sick until the topic turns to her normal chores that is. Up until that point she is talking on the phone all the time as usual or chatting with her visitors. She said something about my not having  come to see her yet in the hospital and I mentioned someone had to take care of her useless horses.

Usually Mom feeds in the mornings and collects the eggs when I am gone but not now so I am running behind and barely getting everything done before the sun goes down and having to feed about two hours before it comes up. To make matters worse we have that storm front coming through this evening with the 50mph winds.

Probably be light posting until Saturday at this point.

Maybe more tractor pictures tomorrow evening!!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!

Edit: Oh ya and Repeal the 19th Amendment so we don't get more dried up old hags like this in office.



  1. You made me laugh several times. You better hope none of the nags drop dead before she gets back or it will be your butt. I didn't watch the video, just seeing her was enough to almost ruin a good day.

    1. Sf - I literally HATE that errrr Woman. Hate her. Wouldn't even piss on her if she was on fire.

      McCaskill not my Mom :)

      The only reason she got elected was because she had her feminist trolls vote in the Republican primary and got Akin as her opponent. Who then made the famous "Females biology can shut down in times of stress" comment that was taken out of context and is true besides as anyone who keeps livestock knows. The Women voters of Missouri would rather put a crook in office as long as it keeps abortions available. I find that very sad.

    2. I am beginning to think that abortions might be a good idea, I keep seeing people who would be the poster child for having abortions. Anyway chickens can shut down their system very quickly if something gets them worked up.

  2. Hope your mom is back on the ranch soon, :-)

  3. Don't forget to take time for you! It seems like every time I get in a situation of trying to take care of someone else (or their chores) and keep up my own end, that I get sick and am no good for anything. Hope everything gets back to normal soon!

  4. I gather she was trying to do at as a joke-skit (like "The Donald" on SNL). But she isn't funny. If she hadn't thrown in that bit about having more women run for office, and at the front end, and birth control/abortion one of the first topics noted, it might have been a bit more plausible/funny.

    Granted, I think there are a few more males in that sub-species of pushy know it alls, but women generally are more talkative than men, and just as capable of vapid stupidity, so it is a matter of taste as to which style is more annoying.

  5. Hope things are back to normal soon. It is very windy here too. I just told my husband I wouldn't be surprised if the power goes out.


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