Friday, August 7, 2015

Damn You Swamp Dog

So the other day my Dad and I were doing a bit of bumper hitch switching. We had a couple old hitch holders that needed the rust removed and since we recently bought two new trailers we needed the standard 2 inch balls at different heights for different loads etc. Dad also wanted a new 2 inch ball with the thicker bolt.

So I soaked the old rusted receivers in muratic acid, cleaned em up and repainted em etc. Then we started seeing which receivers went to which hitches and pins at different levels yadda yadda. I am sure there is an easier way to get a one size fit's all hitch combo but what the hell we had all these receivers and hitches so why not use em.

Finally we got one for each arrangement and managed to keep one for the pin hitch as I still have one trailer that doesn't require a ball. I call it my heaven hitch since it isn't tainted by those demon spawn ball hitches.

So today I go to put the pin receiver in my hitch and notice my hitch pin is missing. Well that sucks.

I have a spare so no real biggy. Then I go to hang the gate and realize my big 15 and 18 inch wrenches are no where to be found either. Last time I saw them or the hitch pin was when I was switching all these balls and receivers around. Suddenly I realized what I had done.

I left them sitting on the bumper of my truck and drove off with em still there. My bet is they have been picked up by Swampdog along the road somewhere.

All I can say is ouch. Those wrenches are going to be expensive to replace. I can't kick myself too hard though as it's been years since i lost any tools like that but I am still beating myself over the head with a hammer a time or two.

Always keep track of your tools.

I guess a trip tot he hardware store is in order. I hope there is some old White country boy there working to help me find some replacement wrenches.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Tsk Tsk don't feel bad I lost or was relieved of two framing hammers in one day.
    Hurts the pocketbook but hey new tools!

  2. I'll keep my eyes open for them. You know what they say" finders keepers, losers weepers!"

  3. I usually just find sockets but then you have to almost see the stuff fall off the truck to be the first to get it. I once lived near where the road crossed some tracks and I found lots of stuff there including a come-a-long. I feel bad hearing your story though but maybe you will run across them somewhere.

  4. I've seen a lot of decent quality hand tools in the local pawn shop(the increasing amount should probably be ominous), it might be a thought.


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