Wednesday, July 29, 2015

People Just Have Too Much Time on Their Hands and Money

Far too much in this world has entered the Bizzaro zone it seems. Massive debt piled onto our children and grandchildren. Laws enacted that oppress those same children in an attempt to achieve some type of equal cookie cutter outcome. Notice the theme is usually those with more time and money, like the one's in the above picture, than sense making the choices for others to pay the price later.

I swiped this picture off one of the articles about that dentist who went over to Africa somewhere and killed some lion with a bow. I guess he just wounded it and then they had to track it for days or something.

Of course the fact that your average garden variety dentist can shell out 55K a couple times a year to go kill exotic critters in all corners of the world is kinda bizzaro land insane too I might add. And shows just how out of balance our current economic system has become.

So the two idiots above are now protesting the dentist/hunter wasting money on stuffed lions to put around the guys house and playing dress up. The fact that they have plenty of time to do such silliness without a care is a testament to this crazy world.

How many animals are killed everyday for their livelihood? Even if they are some type of vegetarian who only wear synthetic fibers in their clothes they are having an impact on some critters somewhere. I would bet these are the same people who attack anti-abortionists screaming an unborn human is merely just tissue. Tissue for sale I might add.

Everyone involved in this little lion hunt, with the possible exception of the guide and landowner, are a perfect example of the sheeple we preppers and sustainers will have to deal with as this long slow slide continues. Not a one of them has a base in reality. The dentist may in fact have some outdoor skills but obviously most of his experience is smoothed over by throwing large amounts of money around. The protestors simply need something a little more direct and life threatening to worry about than the death of a lion a few thousand miles away.

Now imagine if you will when the paychecks stop rolling in, the cushy government jobs with sick leave and vacation to spare go away, the pension checks and EBT credits stop and the debit cards stop working. What will these idiots do? Will they stand outside and protest with squirt guns? Will they hand over what little they have to the collective when the government goons come around to take what little they might have?

Honestly when I see stuff like this I can't help but thinking it's too bad that dentist killed that lion. Truth is we need a bunch of top end predators wondering around our cities and suburbs to clean out some of the mentally impaired dead weight around here.

I guess I am not one to talk though. I mean here I sit waiting to see if the forecast for some showers the weather people have been threatening me with for the last day and half pan out. If it goes around us like I am betting on then I can go out and rake over my hay but until I know it will I don't want to turn it over and risk it getting wet. So I guess for this morning I too have more time on my hands than I should.

Still a bit short in the money department though.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. same here. plenty time, little $$$.

  2. Way too many people in the world, predators no longer thin the herd but eventually the herd will get thinned.

  3. It's really been getting on my nerves today. I'm not condoning what the bloke did but there are far worse things happening to PEOPLE all the time. I think part of what's wrong with the world is we hold animals in the same regard as we do people, I wonder hold many children died today at the hands of someone in a third world country or closer to home but we don't heard about it because a lion makes a great front page. Guess we'd better all share it on facebook!

  4. well - the outrage may be unbalanced - but still, the guy has to be off to need to kill lions in order to satisfy, uh, something... trophy hunting is a bit on the perverse side esp @ 50k!!! if you kill it - eat it!!!

    but too much time to be sure, meanwhile you are jugging 236 different pieces of machinery to keep moving forward ... maybe not fair, but wait until things get bad..

    you will be king then pp - and then the lions will do your bidding and i, for one, will cheer!!!

  5. Appalling, yes. Most worthy thing to get worked up about in the last two weeks, not hardly. Put a fork in us. We are done.

  6. This MN idiot now has 24hr police protection at his office and home,as he has gotten death threats.
    I know I could do a lot with 55K. down payment on a house or land...... Idiot...

  7. Dentists often make more money than doctors now. The elective (and non-life threatening) nature of much of their surgery is apparently what makes the difference. No insurance companies to beat down the prices. You either want the surgery and can afford it, or you don't get it.


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