Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Attack on Rural Communites

Perhaps you have seen the outrage and warnings associated with the latest Obummer scheme that has been going around lately.

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing or something like that.

This thing is presented as a project to move inner city subsidized/affordable housing from the large cities and force the suburbs into zoning areas and then financing for that type of construction. The premise of which is that lower wage or poor families will then be moved into the affluent suburbs. This type of utopian scheme allows the anti-White crowd to rub their hands together in glee thinking of the prospects of culturally enriching rich White people against their will.

To achieve this nationwide parity of race and class, HUD will require each municipality to study and compare it's own demographics to other municipalities within the region with again a premise that each municipality within the region should balance out to an effective demographic parity that HUD has adopted as "fair".

You can read about the popular conception of this project and find links to the actual initiative etc. Here if you want.

Whatever points are highlighted and waved about however are just a facade. This initiative is in reality nothing more than a wealth redistribution scheme designed not to bring diversity out into the suburbs but to force those same suburbs under the control of the cities and remove the rural population almost completely. The parameters set for the so called acceptable demographic make up are impossible to achieve therefore what will result is a defacto extreme reduction in trickle down tax dollars to the suburban and rural areas as they will now be directed into the cities. The courts will be used to keep any suburban or rural municipalities and entities silent on the matter either by direct ruling or the threat of law suits coming from HUD and the Federal government once the racial standard demographic cannot be attained.

The sleight of hand part of this initiative is actually quite brilliant if you think about it. While the suburban and rural populations are worried about seeing construction projects starting up for ghetto type housing and rows of section eight clap houses. Which is a another misnomer, section eight and affordable housing projects are two very different things, the suburbs and rural areas already have section eight rental properties among them. They won't notice that what is actually happening is that all the funds that now maintain the suburban and rural infrastructure is being sucked up by the cities and given to the "diverse" population. The suburbanites and rural population will only be relieved there are no housing projects popping up around them in the short term.

As the infrastructure falls apart and less money is spent in the suburban and rural areas of course many of the population will then find themselves forced into the cities as well in order to maintain their own livelihood, health and other services connections etc.

In essence this initiative is not designed to move the cities into the suburbs it is designed to move the suburbs and rural population into and under the control of the cities.

This is another move by the Golfer in Chief that he hopes to take credit for immediately while the actual effects won't be known or felt until he is out of office. The short term benefit will be more money available to his supporters and cronies in the cities during the last two years of his term while those being shafted won't really notice the infrastructure crumbling until he is long gone. If the next President puts a stop to this initiative then Obummer has at least achieved some short term gain regardless. If someone like say Hillary get's in and extends this initiative then Obummer can continue to take credit for it in safety while Hillary get's the anger.

How this effects us Sustainers and Preppers is that we should begin to prepare for a life of more isolation and service interruptions. Power outages, loss of communications and no more upgrades to existing lines, road closures, bridge failures etc. Much like how Rome eventually abandoned it's rural communities and Latifundia (farms) during it's long slow slide. 

Remember at the edges is where the decline starts.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Up here in the tiny little town I live in, most of the houses are over 100 years old. Some are well maintained and some are not. Heck there are probably less than 50 houses total. Our roads are already crappy. The state and county are letting the remaining blacktop road to go back to gravel. There is no work for young people, so they move away. The population just gets older and older. In the big town to my north( where there is actually a grocery store) has subsidized apartments of handicapped and seniors. I'll bet there are 12 units there. What else can the traitor in chief and his communist minions do to us?

    Carl in the UP

    1. Carl - Pretty much every city, town or rural county (sometimes a couple of counties will go together) have a Housing department that the Fed basically pays for. There is section 8 housing everywhere but mostly it is used by Whites in rural areas in the form of single mothers, the very old with little retirement or the mentally ill/disabled.

      What this initiative will do once the local housing authority office cannot meet the diversity requirements is take what little money is coming in from the Feds and put it elsewhere while still taking your local tax dollars. From the sound of it you and your location will hardly notice though so I would say you are one lucky man and in the right place :)

  2. Rome had better infrastructure than we have as far as it's longevity so I suspect that our fall into a dark age will be much more accelerated than their slow crumble. Our enemies have much deadlier weapons than Rome had to face and once they figure how to demolish our satellite system, our modern military won't be able to figure out even where they are on a map much less do much fighting. Payback will be a bitch after our president has set back and killed their people with drones at will.

    1. Sf - That's true their roads at least were made much better than ours are today along with some old buildings. Also you hit the nail on the head about the accelerated pace things seem to move at these days.

      Interesting times.

  3. It sounds like the policy they have been following for a while. I think the initial impetus/studies started back when Jack Kemp was running HUD. They weren't a bad idea, except that they didn't work. I worked for a while with a company that built HUD-Section 8 Housing: ruining one neighborhood at a time as you might say.

    Seems like I particularly remember some stories about how the dispersion of inner city folks into the suburbs has been a complete disaster for Memphis TN. Made a pretty rough city to begin with an even scarier place.

    1. Russ - Housing authorities all across the country have been competing with each other and advertising in big cities trying to get the clients to move so they can meet the quota set by HUD. It never works which is why this initiative is a farce and proves to me it is directed at more nefarious ends. Since it's Femocrats and Obummer doing it that means money under the guise of wealth redistribution.

      This time around they know the inner city types won't move out so instead they will just make sure it is legal for them to transfer all the resources into the cities.

  4. diabolically brilliant plan!!
    and i mean 'diabolical' literally.


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