Monday, May 4, 2015

Black Locust in Bloom

Sorry I been kinda silent once again. I got about a million things that need doing and then believe it or not I got called to make a run today. Real life is once again encroaching on all the free time I had the last few weeks and they are forecasting a return of the rains starting Wednesday.

I Captured another swarm this time in the city were we own a property and had to move it after the sun went down this evening.

I have really good luck with the swarms I capture in built up or city areas to be honest. They are usually very small swarms to begin with so I use smaller traps, about the size of a five frame Nuc box, in the city. The one year I tried regular sized traps I didn't capture a single swarm from there.

City bees, the feral kind anyway, are usually in smaller spaces tucked up in someone's attic or under their siding. As I said they typically shoot off smaller swarms but start a couple of weeks earlier than the rural wild bees. I will also capture swarms in cities and built up areas even after especially harsh Winters.  I assume because those hives that are tucked away in someone's house or buildings generally have an easier time of keeping warm and less chance of starving out while being stuck in a Winter ball and unable to move.

Generally the city swarms build up into very nice hives but since they start out smaller it takes them a while. I will open this trap up tomorrow and see just how many bees are in there and if it needs a new hive or should remain in the nuc box a bit longer.

The Black Locust is in full bloom around here and the bees go absolutely crazy over Black Locust blooms. Sadly I don't have any Black Locust on my property but I have several Honey Locust which the bees are just as crazy for only Honey Locust doesn't have the pretty white flowers.

Anyway another big day tomorrow in the push to get some mowing and a few other things done before Wednesday then I will be working the rest of the week in 10 hour days. Gonna try and catch up with other blogs and comments this evening.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. We have black locust and they are just starting to show signs of life. We plant our gardens "when the locust trees bloom", usually about the 6th of June. The sweet aroma of the blossoms is wonderful.

    1. Tewshooz - You all have Black Locust out there? Wow I didn't think it would grow in the high desert. I know it was introduced here as the Black Locusts native range is really only the Ozark Mountains and the Appalachians although it has been introduced even in Italy and France for it's honey producing qualities.

  2. I have not seen that black locust plant around here where I live. Don't know if that gorws in Texas or not. What a pretty flower it makes! It looks a bit like a wisteria doesn't it. Yes regular life works sure can cut into farming time! Thats where I am right now. Glad for the work :O) but hate giving up my outside time!

    1. Texan - See my reply to Tewshooz. There is a thornless variety that is sold as an ornamental all over. In some places it is a very important honey crop, even around here where it was introduced but now grows wild some locations get so damned fine honey off of the trees.

  3. dad said black locust had the purple flowers and the hairy thorny trunk and the honey locust had no 'hair' and white flowers.
    tell me what yours look like.
    do you have the hairy ones [which don't have the perfume]??


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