Tuesday, May 5, 2015

20.7%? 15% I Would Bet More Like 40%+

Did everyone see the link off of Drudge boasting that 20.7% of the people employed in Baltimore were in Government jobs?

20.7% of Jobs in Baltimore are Government Jobs

Of the 364,200 total jobs in Baltimore City in March, 75,500—or 20.7 percent—were jobs working for the government. That included 39,400 state government jobs, 26,000 local government jobs, and 10,100 federal government jobs.
By contrast, there were only 11,600 manufacturing jobs in Baltimore City, according to BLS. That means government had 6.5 times as many employees in Baltimore City as all of the manufacturers located in the city.

Those figures don't tell the whole story either and the whole story is one of the driving reasons we are finding ourselves in the debt pickle we are in today.

The article goes on to say that the percentage of government jobs across the nation is 15% but I am willing to bet those totals don't include military, higher education nor the millions of positions that only exist because of direct government spending. 

I would be willing to bet that half of the service industry, hospitality industry, Construction and a huge chunk of warehousing and transportation is directly the result of Government spending as well.

I can tell you that even the low wage position as a forklift operator I held for some 12 years or more was almost 100% financed by Government spending either Federal or Local in some way. Of course that far down the chain your average employee has no clue they are actually receiving a Government check but that doesn't change the origin of the thing or who ultimately is going to be handed the bill.

When I think of the chain reaction that is coming when the Government debt bubble pops I just have to shake my head.

Oh well lunch time is over back to brush hogging.

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  1. you are so right, when it starts there will be no stopping the destruction to the economy. It will happen very very quickly.
    The future is a scary thing these days..

    1. LW - Yes I think once we have reached that hockey stick moment it will certianly pick up speed quickly.

      Actually from my side of the fence I am not sure I should be scared or not honestly. The government and the Femocrats have had me and my kind in their sights for so long things might actually improve for us.

  2. I still see people who think someone is going to get elected who will "fix" things but there aren't many who even think it is possible now. It is almost like the country needs to vomit to get rid of the poison it has ingested. After the great purge there will be chances to "fix" things but it won't be coming from government. The question will be if things get fixed or we slip into a progressive utopia dark age that will that a century to get rid of, kind of like the soviet union.

    1. Sf - Ya I don't think it is fixable at all any more. We are going to have to collapse to get better. My only stake in politics right now is trying to get the ones in that will do the least amount of damage to my rights before it all goes under.

  3. indyjonesouthereMay 5, 2015 at 4:26 PM

    In nearly every state the education budget eats up about 50% of all state tax income...so indeed it is quite unlikely they consider the state and local funded education establishment to be government employees. During the 29-32 depression just about half or more of educators were laid off. In many school districts it was policy not to hire a husband AND wife in a district as a result of all the layoffs wiping out all of the income of the family. Of course like many laws and reforms this one has largely gone by the wayside as a depression could NEVER happen again.

    1. Indy - I agree. Even if they counted the elementary and secondary teachers I am sure they left off all college and university staff. We know where all their money comes from as well.

  4. I think government can help, by lowering the top margin on business like Reagan did. That would help speed things up. But most have forgotten what he accomplished back in the 80's But no, they can't fix things at all. In fact they need to let things play out to some extent and let the law of consequence work itself out. If this had be allowed to occur in 2008, we would all be on the upswing most likely at this point.

    Letting some certain things fail completely beyond repair would be the best thing that could happen.

    Now everyone here is thinking about this all happening in a vacuum. Don't forget that we have pissed off certain countries that would love to take advantage of out pitiful situation, while we recover.

    Back in the great depression, all the mess was in Europe. Not necessarily so this time. You've got Russia invading NATO airspace all the time as well as our own as well as China trying to stir up trouble wherever they can.

    And of course as we have just seen this weekend, the nut-sacks from ISIS are already inside the hen house.

    1. Anon - I am sure you are right. I think all this world wide sabre rattling is because the foreign powers know we are going to fall economically even if we don't by and large yet.


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