Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Rainy Day....Again.

It's been raining pretty much all day off and on. Last time I checked we were at about an inch and still getting showers every so often, sometimes with pretty high winds. Had one mishap with a window getting broken from the sudden wind and I think a couple of pieces of sheet metal on the barn are once again being pulled loose.

Such is life in May in Missouri. I can't complain too much as this rain has really sped up the growing process and it should be another bumper hay year which will lessen the losses I expect to take overall. It also should be a good honey year which will help out some as well.

As you can see the barn cat Braveheart was pretty sure I wasn't going to need the tractor today so he made himself at home on the padded seat. He likes to lay there and watch the world outside through the big door while remaining dry and comfy. He used to be a pretty good vermin catcher/hunter but these days I don't think he bothers to leave the barn much.

Which reminds me. We have made it to almost the end of May now without a new stray cat moving in. I have seen two strange cats once or twice over the last three months or so but none of them have stayed around and tried to find a spot to live as yet. This is almost unheard of for the last six years or more.

I did get some Sweet Potato seedlings bought and put in the raised bed I had reserved for them. Other than that I spent the day banging out the last bottom board and five more supers for this Summers bee expansion. Only thing remaining is making sure I have enough frames ready to go or ready to be put together and spending the day painting all this stuff tomorrow.

It has to be tomorrow because there is rain predicted every day for the rest of the week.

Whenever it stops I will be back to mowing don't ya know.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. I planted sweet potatoes for the first time and mounded up rows as we have clay. Sunny for a few days but of course I have worked all weekend but today is the last day and I will go to work catching up. Your cat has found a throne of sorts though I would rather see your tractor driver sitting there. I have been seeing bees on shrubs such as burning bush and japanese holly, the flowers are very hard to see on these plants but must be very sweet as the bees are ignoring other flowers.

    1. Sf - I use the raised beds since all the soil in there is what I mixed in and is still relatively loose. I can't manage to grow any kind of tuber crops in the main garden at all until after June as they just rot away.

      I would like to see one of the tractor girls there as well but the cat runs em off :)

  2. PP,

    Braveheart looks nice and comfy on the tractor. Will the cat stay on the tractor (ride with you) when you cut grass? I'll trade you on the rain.
    Good to hear you have your sweet potatoes in the ground, I still need to get my this rate it won't be until the end of June before they're in the ground.

    1. Sandy - No there has only ever been one cat around here that was brave enough to be around me when loud noisy engines are going and that was my dear departed Piglet. Man I still miss that cat. I had to put her inside every time I did any kind of dangerous stuff, even using the hand powered weed whacker sickle cause she would just walk right up trusting I would never hurt her. She was fearless as long as you didn't put her inside a moving vehicle she hated that. I assume because she was a drop off.

      I hear ya. If I don't plant in the raised beds I cannot plant a root crop at all until June sometime.

      I hear you guys are really getting clobbered with rain down there though.


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