Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Long Slow Slide is Just a Marathon to the Bottom

It was of course a beautiful day today. The ground has dried up enough that I could really get some work done around the place but as usual the planets did not align properly and I had to go on a work run then finish the mowing cycle by getting our house in town mowed.

I got home just in time as the sun was setting to realize I am going to have to start the mowing cycle all over again tomorrow. Yep this time of year I have to mow about every four days tops or it gets so thick it will literally take me hours longer when I do get to it. What really sucks is when it rains for like 6 days straight.

So finding myself with a few precious hours free this evening I decided to do another blog jaunt through Liberal blogger Lala land. I try and visit the dried up rodents and knick knack toads occasionally to try and get a handle on what topics are driving them insane these days. Nothing of any real interest except some pro-Hillary propaganda and more screaming to tax the rich so their government checks will continue. Looks like one of them is closing up shop while another is trying to figure out how to steal internet from locals rather than pay for it like us taxpayers do.

All pretty typical.

What occurs to me this evening though is an important part of prepping that many don't pay heed to. It isn't stocking firearms or hoarding ammunition, it touches on food storage a bit but I think lends itself more to the old prepper norm of getting out of debt. We don't hear much about that these days as I think it is one of the hardest things for preppers to really do. The entire system is set up to constantly attempt to trap each and every one of us into more and more debt. Once you have the debt vise attached you are pretty much at the mercy of the manipulated figures. The powers that be can really put the squeeze on you especially if the inflation continues to rise while the benefit check doesn't.

What happens int he end though is kinda like that old fable of the turtle and the hare. Eventually those who started out with almost no real income but relied on their own production and lack of debt to stay at the same level while those with massive amounts of debt keep sinking. As time goes by which group begins to get more and more desperate?

Desperate people will do things like scream for higher taxes and fall for outright lies that flow from Femocrats like water used to do from man made lakes in Kalifornia. Outwardly these types will say their pensions are secure or their benefits are covered and act like they don't have a care in the world but we have reached a point where they are sweating bullets from all the bad news they pretend to ignore.

For those of us who missed the great Baby-Boomer Government employee glut or never qualified for Affirmative Action created positions or more importantly were too moral to swallow the kool-aid can shrug off the bad financial news.  We are not worried about a stock market reset, how much the rich are taxed or if China drops the dollar. We have hit our stride and we're running this race at a sustainable pace that will let us cross the finish line while those who put their faith in other people's wealth and the government tax collector will fall out before the end.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Cloudy and wet for 4 days now, I think, I lose track.
    We are debt free if you don't count the government debt that the corrupt media will occasionally divide up by the population and say how much each person part of the national debt is. Like the government spent the money and they are trying to transfer payment of it to every person. Well I have news for them, it has become so large that there is little chance that anyone will pay it off. Then there is the state and local debt that those governments run up even though it is hidden much of the time. So if you look at all of the government debt as well as the personal debt, then we are looking at a true debt based economy. Kind of a scam that works as long as new debt is created to finance the old debt. Imagine how an airplane (government) will climb until the engines(taxes, borrowing) can't provide enough power to keep the air speed high enough and will drop like a rock.The true economy where things are made and services rendered will get pulled down along with the fake government economy but eventually the true economy will survive.

  2. Like we've said before. A trade or way of producing something is your own real safe guard, but even then its reliant people purchasing it from you. Debt certainly will be a crippling factor for most, our mortgage certainly isn't small!

  3. The get out of debt meme isn't pushed by the folks that are trying to sell people stuff. At least not very often. If it is, its only in a sort of breezy, something you should do, sort of way.

    The biggest danger to the frugal is deflation and the corresponding "real" increase in taxation that comes with it. Obviously if you are in debt, having to pay back loans in much more valuable currency is a disaster, but it can catch out the frugal as well.

    And with a whole lot of debt sloshing around, it is easy to see that if it goes away, there will be a whole lot less money chasing after the same amount of product. It is this scenario that has all the Central Bankers pushing out easy money. So instead you get asset inflation, or fracking bubbles, or whatever.

    What was "nice" about the now retiring Boomer's retiring now from government, is that they went into position set up during better days, and mostly never got cut back. So they were able to ride the last vapors of the economic expansion a lot longer than those in the private sector. We are now going to be in the squeeze where there is no money to fund positions for their children, the private economy will suck, and we are going to be trying to pay out a huge amount of social security.


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