Thursday, April 9, 2015

Plum in Bloom and Guess What? More Storms

The Wild Plum and CrabApple are blooming here now. The bees were thick in and around my edible hedge I been cultivating on the West side of the property because it is made up mostly of Wild Plum. Eventually the electric line trimmer guys will come along and cut all them down and it will be time to start over again. It takes em about 7 to 10 years to get back around to this area and each time they cut em the little wild fruit trees just come back thicker and thicker. They cut em all out just a few years ago so my guess is they got another 5 years at least to grow.

Who knows by that time they may not be doing it or there may be no need any longer.

We been getting buffeted by storms again today of course. Small ones off and on all night interspersed with some loud banger ones. Can't even walk out to the shop without rubber mud boots the ground is so squishy. The frogs have moved into the puddles behind the barn and started building long term infrastructure too.

Every so often between storm waves the sun peeks out for a few minutes and heats up the standing water and fermenting vegetative matter and one knows what a swamp must smell like in Summer. The grass is already passed the point of needing mowed but is so wet it will just clump up and bog the mower blades down. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get started on that never ending, thankless job though.

I am convinced hell is covered in lawns that will have to be mowed forever. Seems like that's what it is like here from April until June each year. Even when we get a drought it doesn't really start until July just so we can get the full rainy season effect with nothing but work to show for it.

I started taking the insulated panels off the garden bee hives today but gave up after the second one. Although we were in between storms so there was no rain to deal with the wind is still blowing at about 30 mph with some much stronger gusts and it made trying to control the flapping insulation sheets impossible.

Which reminds me. The good news is that although I am still unable to open up Jamestown colony it appears that I was mistaken and it is still alive. Either it was just a day when the foragers were out and there was little activity or whatever but today the hive has guard bees at the entrance and appears to be whole once again. Maybe an early swarm moved in before I could take it apart. Whatever happened I am about 99% sure it is still very much alive. I suppose it's possible it is being robbed out but it just doesn't look like robbing to me. I will be able to tell more once we have a calmer less rainy day.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Supposedly we are getting a dunking tonight, then simmering humid all weekend. Good news about Jamestown!

    1. TB - Looks like we may have a few days to dry out here now. They had us as getting rain Sunday but took it out oft he forecast this afternoon. Of course it can change on a day to day basis though.


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