Monday, April 13, 2015

More Lambs, More Storms

I think we had two more ewes drop their lambs yesterday. I am not sure because yesterday is still kinda a blur. One of the ewes had a pretty long break between her first and second lamb and she rejected the second one so we now have a screamer in a huge storage tote in my mom's little house.

It ain't as bad as is sounds because although she will be a bit melodramatic about all the trouble it is she secretly lives for her bottle babies each year.

That's how I ended up with Sandwich, the biggest pain in the a$$, escape artist, clown sheep that ever lived. Speaking of which she bit me on the hand this morning trying to get me to scratch her ears and neck.

Long about 1PM while we were sorting out the ewe and rejected lamb another storm rolled through and did a number on the top seam and two sections of metal roof on the barn. It also removed all the deck furniture off the porch, brought down several large limbs from the trees and blew the trash dumpster out into the hay field. So I spent several hours up on the barn roof repairing the damage and then had to go pick up trash before the neighbor dogs could carry it away.

I think the damage was pretty localized to us though as I haven't noticed any other wind damage around except for some limbs and such. There weren't any unidentified shed roofs in my field unlike last year anyway. So far.

At this point I am counting 28 new lambs and we still have at least four more pregnant ewes out there, maybe five as I am still not certain Sandwich is bred or not. Three bottle lambs are with their mother, she is just not producing enough milk and one bottle lamb has become a pet who will require special care for a few months. I mentioned maybe finding him a home with some kid and mom ignored me which confirmed my suspicions about what she really wants to do.

If I can get a break from lambing I need to finish building the new creep feeder gate and start putting out swarm traps today. Of course it's raining again this morning though.

Maybe I need to breed the lambs either earlier or later next year so it doesn't correspond to monsoon season.

Sorry about not catching up with comments from yesterday I will get on that this afternoon if we don't have anymore emergencies.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Wow PP your life is definitely not dull!

    1. DFW - This time of year I am so far behind I think I am ahead it seems. Every year April and May are just pure hell trying to get everything done.

  2. I do believe your as busy as I am.. but hey its good to be busy right. :O)

    1. Texan - I could stand to be a little less busy :)

  3. Hey PP,

    Sorry to hear about the storm hitting your barn, and causing damage on your property. The good thing, no one was injured. We had some really hard winds, rain, and the sky was dark. Temperatures even cooled down a bit.

    I think Sandwich thought you were moving to slow on giving her attention, lol......


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