Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Reading - In the Long Slow Decline the Sustainer is King

Watch the below video and then ask yourself how long these shortages have been going on in Venezuela.

Venezuela has been sinking for years. This latest round of news items about shortages and such is just the same old story bringing itself back into the stream. I can remember articles about professional shoppers and government price controls with shortages from years back.

Think about it. Unless you happen to have a tap into a steady stream of government cash and are able to build your own massive storage buildings how much food can you store? At a little more than 2 years of basic supplies I could no more find a spot to put another pail of rice in at the moment than I could convince Obummer to veto Obummercare.

Oh sure I got plenty of storage space that isn't climate controlled now all I need to do is start putting in heaters and AC units eh?

1 year? 2 years? even 3 or 4? Had you started using your stores in Venezuela when these shortages came around you would now be standing in these ques with the rest of the non-prepared.

What is happening there may not be a complete collapse but it's damn sure close. They are simply a couple of steps down further on the ladder than we are.

The key to surviving this long slow grind is learning to produce your own food. Growing, harvesting and grinding your own grains. By passing the government controls and third party vendors as much as is humanly possible.

Or you other option is to start the clock on your eventual que time.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. PP - you know that i always agree with you 100% on these kinds of posts! we MUST learn to feed ourselves and replenish our food stores with food that we grow/forage/hunt/fish and raise. we need to learn of herbal alternatives for simple things like muscle pain/headaches/bone breaks and the like. we need to eat healthy food right now and for the rest of our lives as a preventative medicine to ensure we stay healthy for as long as we can. we need to be able to defend ourselves and our neighbours and hopefully our communities. we also need to build strong, close relationships with our neighbours in order for them to be part of our communities and for us to have a good community. there are lots of things that we need to do in order to get through what we know is coming!

    much love to you and yours! your friend,

    1. Kymber - No doubt. On the bright side as the greater than thou art personalities have to give in the face of full on decline getting along with each other will become much easier I suspect. :)

  2. As always, good stuff Preppy. I think the surprising and/or sad thing about it is when it does happen here (will, not maybe) the initial shock and annoyance of folks who thought it never could will be interesting. It will follow their reaction the economy, I suspect: first the idea that it is an inconvenience, then the idea that it can't be true, then suddenly looking for someone to blame.

    1. TB - Looking for someone to blame. Ain't that the truth. Wise words my friend.

  3. Eye opening. I have known for some time that there are many forms collapse can take but I wouldn't have seen that as a possibility. On the note of self sufficiency, I plan to implement this stove myself.

    1. Anon - WOW. That's a hell of a stove there!!! By golly I might have to look into that thing myself one of these days. Thank you for that link!!


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