Monday, March 30, 2015

OOPS. I tripped over my White Privilege

So I left the house a little after sunrise this morning. I came back in around 1 PM or so and noticed about 11 comments on the post I made last night, ate some lunch and then went back out until the sun went down. Now I find out I have like 25 comments and some anon commenter screaming racism over my "Never ask the Black sales associate at a hardware store questions about tools" comment.

All the fun explosions seem to happen while I am away.

I still stand by that piece of shopping advice too BTW. It also applies to most of the Female associates as well when they are in the tool and tractor implement sections. By and large no one knows tools like White Men. If I needed advice on what the birthstone for April was I wouldn't ask a guy White or Black (OMG I said White first racist!!). If I wanted to know what the hottest brand of basketball shoes are right now I wouldn't ask an old White Woman either.

Deal with it.

Anyway it will take me a bit to return comments, catch up on the blogs and deal with the trolls now, and then I will make my daily post. Much to tell today too.

Until later tonight...

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. Sad thing is if your were black you could say anything you wanted about white people and it would be ok. You could even condone violence on white cops like they are in Boston over the shooting of that white cop there and it would A-okay.

    Screw these idiots.

    black LIES matter

    1. Matt - NO kidding. That is the elephant in the room isn't it? They never seem to catch that when they scream WAAAAYCIST.

  2. Wow he was pretty butthurt you racist shit:)
    Some peoples kids

  3. I guess this is part of what I was hoping to get to through my comment on the other thread. If we are against racism we need to be against all racism, no matter who practices it. If we say we are but only when it applies to those we don't like, we are no better than those that accuse us of it.

    1. TB - well what truly is racism? I don't see any problem with initially judging a book by it's cover because cultural differences are a fact. Now racism means that no matter what no one can over come the color of the skin. I can't say I am that way as anyone who proves they have the same values I do will overcome my apprehension. However it may take some longer than others because of my passed experiences. It is what it is.

    2. TB - some things just are. like PP says above - he wouldn't ask and old white woman what the snazziest basketball sneakers are this year. it just makes sense. and there is no racism involved. at all.

      i was raised by one of the strangest racists i have ever encountered. my father was from england yet called all english people "limeys" and said they were all lazy - yet he was very proud of his hard work ethic. once when the coalmine he worked at was on strike, the coalmine brought up 8 jamacain men that my dad was in charge of. to his dying day he swore that the only people on the planet who worked harder than him were jamaicans??? and when there was fighting down on the mainland between whites and blacks for several months, my father said "minnie - it don't matter what colour you are in the coalmine cuz everybody is black. fighting over skin colour is crazy if you work in a coalmine."

      he was a strange kind of racist. but what PP said in his previous article and backed up in this article is more of a cultural thing and not racist at all!

      would you ask an old chinese man who has only been living in north america for under a year where the best place to bug out was? would you ask an old white woman from northern ontario what was the best tiny poodle accessories to buy? would you ask me, from everything you know about me, advice on what grain grows best where you live? no. i have never grown grain and i don't know where you live. so i am not the person to ask.

      that is not racist. it just is. and these simple concepts and ideas that some people are just more innately skilled and better at some things than others is mostly a cultural thing. there's no racism involved.

      if PP had have said something truly racist - i would have never left a comment on his post! i would have ignored it because free speech is free speech and it is HIS blog! but he didn't say anything racist and i hope that my sharing all of this with you will help you understand. (go back to PP's previous post and read what jam wrote. jam got right to the heart of the matter, and i asked jam to go in and leave a comment because i could see how people were misinterpreting it)

  4. Racism is a funny thing.....President's Washington and Lincoln share Presidents day but Martin Luther King get a day to himself.....just sayin!

    1. Fiona - Ya. Racism also means they will make up someone to be worthy of a holiday and/or praise even when that person isn't worthy.


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