Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Solstice

See this cat? This is Sasha, otherwise known as The Queen! Believe it or not she was the first cat we actually had around the place for years. She showed up in 2007 nothing but fur and bones and was hiding in my shop, which was at the time barely four walls and a roof before I fixed it up once again.

I finally coaxed her out of the building with food at which point she moved into the house on her own. Literally she found a way to wiggle under the basement door and then climbed up the water pipes to the access panel behind the tub and let herself in. I really didn't mind her letting herself in but then she started bringing me things like not quite dead birds, lizards and snakes.

Quite quickly however she outgrew her super secret access and escape rout and was required to meow to those of us with thumbs to get in and out. For a couple of years it was just her, my son and I and honestly I think she liked it better that way.

Now why am I posting a pic of this cat you may ask? Well as near as I can tell she hasn't left that bed in about two months now. I know she is still alive because she wakes up when you pet her and I once saw her with her head over the side eating but other than that I don't think she has moved other than to stretch and purr occasionally.

I was beginning to worry but as an experiment today I plopped the kitten down in her bed with her. Yep she is still alive and can jump and even run and dive off the counter the bed is located on. Needless to say she wasn't very happy with me for a bit but in a  few minutes after I removed the offending kitten she was right back there asleep.

I never knew cats would actually hibernate before.

The insulation hanging is all done now except for one little spot where I need to move some wiring around. The sides went easy but my shoulders and neck are almost locked up from the hanging the stuff in the rafters. I am taking three tylenol and going to bed. Will catch up on comments and such tomorrow.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Our cats seem to sleep all day if I leave them inside and the older they get the more they do it no matter where they are. Sometimes I wish I was a cat.

    1. Sf - No kidding. She used to be my main supervisor too, then moved up to manager. I guess she is now general manager or executive officer because I never see her out watching me anymore. She is always asleep.

  2. PP,

    Cats love to sleep and lounge. Especially if they're treated like Queens or Kings.
    Good to hear your Queen is okay :-)

    I hope your shoulders are better after taking the Tylenol and going to bed.

    1. Sandy - My shoulders are a little better today but I took the day off. At least off from hanging insulation I still had to feed the sheep and split a load of firewood though.


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