Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Reading - Witness the End Game of the Welfare State and Mob Rule

Despite the delusional fantasies of most leftist Libtards no group in history was ever stupid enough to even contemplate Democracy in such a way as the US has been doing it for a bit over 100 years now. Not even the Athenians nor the Romans were half as close to opening up the politics of the state to the entire cesspit of humanity that lived within their borders as the US has been. Each had slaves, each required property ownership or other criteria at different times to vote or hold office. Rome I believe even required it's Senators to be property owners as well before holding office.

Some might point to Switzerland as an example of Democracy but the size, scope and lack of ethnic diversity inside their system renders it almost useless as an example for any comparison.

We are witnessing the end of victim politics, wealth redistribution and debt fueled spending. Our cities have been colonized by third world castoffs for the benefit of professional politicians while the bill has been handed to the middle class as it was being displaced but as it is with any natural resource the low hanging fruit has been harvested. It has now reached a point of diminishing returns and the various factions that remain are now fighting each other over the crumbs.

This is what we are seeing in the larger cities now with Black professional victims coming into direct, and it appears now open violence with police. The false information, made up recovering numbers, stealth inflation and diminishing dollar value are all taking their toll and the various groups have started fighting among themselves. The old cash cows have been dispersed into the countryside to the point that going after their wealth no longer results in enough of a surplus to make it worth while.

In a very real macro sense the entire productive class has went Galt and by doing so the old rules no longer apply. Use taxes designed to suck wealth from certain segments of the population no longer yield a surplus. In fact they now yield a net loss if one follows the true costs of these programs.

People may remain in the cities but the wealth has fled. All that remains is for the violence to continue to grow.

Interesting times indeed.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Cities are dying because they are becoming less and less useful. Their usefulness as centers for commerce is waning. Even manufacturing is moving away from cities as they tire of being the free milk cows for the big city politicians. The wealthy are leaving the high tax monstrosities as they also tire of being the milk cows for the politicians. What is left behind is government employees and the welfare class....neither of which produce a useful product except for each other. One produces votes for big government and the other produces taxes for more free stuff from government. Yea...who wants to live "there" if you're a producer of goods or services that a person freely buys with the wealth from their own efforts.

    1. indy - Good observation. Yes many companies have moved out of the cities and even those who still have city addresses are often merely the main office while the production areas are elsewhere.

  2. The romans had a property requirement of around US $10 million to be a senator. N.b. I estimated it in the mid 90’s bases on a day’s labor and some other measures just to get an ideal of what the requirement meant. So. Probably triple it today. Some men were given money to be able to meet the standard, and some stepped down because they lost/squandered their fortune. They also debased their currency so it was a bit of a moving target too and the sum was raised as the currency went down. It seems that the requirement was so the senators would be wealthy enough that they would be hard to buy off.

    We accomplished a similar goal by making the senators beholden to the state legislatures. I think the current slide can be traced to the 17th amendment which unbalanced the system, turning the republic into a democracy. Most of our other symptoms can be traced to that fiasco.


    1. Dan - The 17th had a lot to do with it no doubt about that.

  3. True & accurate observations, sir. Keep your powder dry.

  4. You might want to have a look at the Russian ruble, the oil price crash is looking like it might crash the ruble and possible shock waves could come out of that mess. It is going to take some out of the blue thing like this to start something going one day that will start the collapse.
    The democracy that you talk about will not be able to handle things like the Republic used to be able to, after all our founders didn't create a democracy but a republic, there is a big difference and that is what has been eroded.

    1. Sf - Exactly a democracy can never make up it's mind and will never embrace hardship willingly like a republic will. Especially not a democracy based on victim-hood like we have today.

  5. Cities see productive residents pretty much as cash cows to fund their personal projects. I live on the edge of the great liberal enclave of Texas. The city does little to help me but is happy to raise my property taxes regularly and spend it elsewhere. I think the first post is valid as well - for many, the cities have simply become less useful. With the Internet and the availability of things (I can get anything from almost anywhere in a relatively quick time) why would I need a city?

    Going Galt in small ways, anyway.

  6. First universal suffrage male and female: 1893 New Zealand; Australia was only one year behind.

    How cities are doing has a lot to do with State politics. Yours, admittedly, sucks. But St. Lois would at times has almost been a poster child of bad management: now obviously preempted by Detroit.

    What I find interesting is the discord in black liberal talking heads. There is some serious pushback against the rioting is good because it feels good meme. The folks who seem to have the biggest problem when faced with this reality is the aged 1960s white liberals who are just shocked to be getting the inner scope from a voice (black liberals) that they can't ignore. "You mean Al Sharpton isn't a Saint?"


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